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Come into the light

Middle-aged manager Jack gets a night call from a child who is threatened by monsters. Jack decides to save him.



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It's like Free Guy, 2021 met The Gone Girl, 2014 and Where the Wild Things Are, 2009.
Jack is 40 years old, tired and lonely. There is no place for emotions in his work. But then the home phone rings. A little boy whispers asking him to sit with him until dawn, because his house is full of monsters. They spew smoke and fire. And the man believes it, because he hears a growl on the phone and someone scratching at the door. Jack sits by the phone for a long time and quietly falls asleep on the floor in the hall. Suddenly waking up in the middle of the night and deciding not to attach much importance to what happened, he calmly goes to bed.
Nothing happens until next Friday, when the boy calls again. This time Jack tries not to fall asleep. They talk almost all night. The boy is 5 years old, and he is from the same city. He used to live in a separate house with his grandmother, but she recently left for the angels, and now he lives with his parents. Parents don't believe in monsters and don't see them. Jack begins to think seriously about childhood fantasies.
The next call occurs two weeks later, on a weekend late at night. The boy is crying, the monsters are more furious than ever. Jack asks for the boy's address, but the child doesn’t know it. He hasn't left the house since he moved in with his parents. Then Jack asks for a detailed description of the view from the nursery window. The child utters only a few words when his voice is interrupted, and hoarse, inhuman screams are heard instead. Then there is absolute silence. Few seconds later, someone hangs up.
Jack's phone is registered in the name of the landlady of the apartment, and she left for a couple of weeks to her sister. Without her request, the phone company will not issue a printout of incoming calls. Jack spends his entire working day on Google maps looking for places in the city that match the description. Jack waits for a call on the weekend, but it doesn't happen. The next week after work, Jack visits the places he has chosen and walks there for several hours, looking around.
When the weekend comes, the phone finally rings. Jack names the sights he has seen in the selected places, and the boy confirms or denies. As a result, several addresses were selected. Then Jack asks him to mark the window with something. A boy draws a big red sun with his mother’s lipstick. They agree that Jack will come to him and shout «come out into the light» because all monsters are afraid of the light.
At dawn, Jack goes to the selected addresses. By the middle of the day, he determines the right apartment and runs inside. He knocks for a long time and rings the doorbell. Finally, he is opened by a smoking drunk woman with a long sharp manicure, who has several large bruises on her shoulders and neck. Her husband is sleeping on the couch, very drunk. There's a mess everywhere, and a kitchen knife is stuck in the countertop. Jack breaks into the apartment and finds the child. There is a long interaction ahead with social services, psychologists and doctors. But Jack would never let any monster get to the boy again.

The film shows how life in a drinking family can look through the eyes of a child. When beloved mom and dad disappear somewhere, and someone else appears instead. Someone is stronger than you. Alien and scary. And in a closed apartment there is absolutely nowhere to run and almost nowhere to hide. And how can a child protect himself from all this psychologically if physical protection is not enough.
The story also includes the secondary love line of Jack and his therapist Jill, as well as the psychological growth of the character, rethinking values, becoming stronger and successful.

Submitted: May 4, 2022
Last Updated: May 4, 2022

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The Writer: Viktoriia Zykina

I'm Viktoriia Zykina, was born in 1990. I have a son and a cat. Divorced. Two higher educations in the field of law (2017) and public administration (2012). Now I am receiving advanced training as a copywriter and commercial editor. I am engaged in self-education in the field of screenwriting. Go to bio

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