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An inspirational drama about a disabled dog who assists a recently disabled young athlete find renewed purpose in his life.

A young track star (Gabriel Gonzales) with Olympic aspirations and a very promising future, loses his legs from the knees down, in a tragic car accident. His Mother, concerned with her son’s well-being, takes Gabriel to an animal shelter that rescues beaten and abused animals. A Golden Retriever, named COOP, grabs his attention. Inspired with the “never quit / never say never” attitude that Coop exhibits, and a recommendation from his Orthopedic Specialist, Gabriel looks into acquiring Blade Prosthetics that will allow him to run fast, very fast, once again. Along with his High School Track Coach (Gene Sanderson) and a dog that is full of life and spirit, they aid Gabe in pursuit of his Olympic dream at the 2028 Los Angeles Paralympics.

After qualifying in the US Paralympic Trials, Gabe learns that Coop is very sick. He races home, only to learn that Coop has stomach cancer. Gabe decides to stick by his best friend, until the end. However, he promises to dedicate an Olympic victory in honor and memory of his pal “Coop.”

COOP (FEATURE FILM SCREENPLAY) - currently selected in (31) Film Festival/Screenplay Competitions in the past 7 months, which include: (6) Award Wins, (8) Finalist Selections, (8) Semi-Finalist, and (2) Quarterfinalist Placements to date.


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COOP - Queen Palm International Film Festival, 3rd Quarter, 2020 - SILVER AWARD WINNER (CROWN SELECTION) - FEATURE FILM SCREENPLAY - BEST CONCEPT (June, 2020)
COOP - The Good Dog! International Film Festival - BEST FEATURE SCREENPLAY (May, 2020)
COOP - Show Low Film Festival - FINALIST - AWARD WINNER (Feb, 2020)
COOP - Depth of Field International Film Festival - GOLD SCRIPT WRITING - AWARD WINNER (Jan, 2020)
COOP – After Hour Film Festival - AWARD WINNER – BEST SCREENPLAY (December, 2019)

COOP - Storyteller's Cottage Annual Feature and Short Screenplay Contest - FINALIST (May, 2020)
COOP - FilmMatic - Inroads Screenwriting Fellowship - FINALIST Selection out of 1,200 (+) submitted entries (May, 2020)
COOP - Red Flight Pictures Screenplay Awards - FINALIST - Top 100 Selection out of more than 3,500 submitted entries received (Feb, 2020)
COOP - Miami Screenplay Awards - TOP 10 FINALIST out of 632 submitted entries (Feb, 2020)
COOP - Hollywood International Diversity Film Festival - FINALIST (Jan, 2020)
COOP - Chandler International Film Festival - TOP 10 FINALIST (Jan, 2020)
COOP - FilmMatic Pitch Now Screenplay Competition - FINALIST (December, 2019)
COOP - Desert Pitch - Film Fest Tucson - TOP 5 FINALIST - PITCH COMPETITION (October, 2019)

COOP - Austin Screenplay Awards - SEMI-FINALIST - Top 10% finish out of 1,104 submitted entries (May, 2020)
COOP - Atlanta Screenplay Awards - SEMI-FINALIST - Placed in the Top 4-10th Percentile out of nearly 1,100 submitted entries (April, 2020)
COOP - Circus Road Screenplay Contest - SEMI-FINALIST - Placed in the Top 30% of all submitted entries (March, 2020)
COOP - New York City International Screenplay Awards - SEMI-FINALIST - FEATURE FILM SCREENPLAY - Top 10% finish out of 829 submitted entries (March, 2020)
COOP - Chicago Screenplay Awards - SEMI-FINALIST - FEATURE SCREENPLAY (Feb, 2020)
COOP - BLASTOFF - Master of the Logline - SEMI-FINALIST (Feb, 2020)
COOP - Logline to Movie Screen Contest - SEMI-FINALIST (Jan, 2020)

COOP - StoryPros International Screenplay Contest - QUARTERFINALIST - Top 20% finish out of all submitted entries (Nov, 2019)

COOP - Filmmatic Drama Screenplay Awards - OFFICIAL SELECTION (June, 2020)
COOP - Block Island Film Festival - OFFICIAL SELECTION (Feb, 2020)
COOP - Gold Canyon Film Festival - OFFICIAL SELECTION (Jan, 2020)
COOP - Lake Travis Film Festival - OFFICIAL SELECTION (Jan, 2020)
COOP - Barnstorm Fest - OFFICIAL (SHORT LIST) SELECTION (Dec, 2019)
COOP - L.A. Live Film Festival - OFFICIAL SELECTION (Nov, 2019)
COOP - Lift-Off Global Network Limited, Pinewood Studios, England, UK - 2nd ROUND | CONSIDERATION FOR REPRESENTATION - "We really loved the sound of your project and it has sparked the interest of the Lift-Off team. Therefore, we are delighted to include your project in the second round of the selection process."

Submitted: January 22, 2020
Last Updated: August 15, 2020

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The Writer: Joe Leone

Joe Leone is an American Screenwriter with nearly 6 years of experience as a Marketing Coordinator for Paramount Pictures Motion Picture Marketing Administration, and another year as a Story Analyst for Prelude Pictures and Kamin & Howell Entertainment. While attending Chapman University in Orange, California, I produced an award winning student film, which was purchased and distributed by Pyramid Films (Santa Monica, CA). Screenwriter of COOP (FEATURE FILM SCREENPLAY) - currently selected in (31) Film Festival/Screenplay Competitions in the past 7 months, which include: (6) Award Wins, (8) Finalist Selections, (8) Semi-Finalist, and (2) Quarterfinalist Placements to date. Script Rank:... Go to bio
Agency: Fairy Forest Agency
Agent: Rennie Cowan

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