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A bolshie but lovable young noble rouses a nation and spits defiance in the face of a tyrannical overlord to free his father and his country.

ANDREW (De Moray) MURRAY is the lean, handsome 13th century Scots Noble son and heir to the Lord of the Black Isle in the far north. At sixteen, Andrew must follow family tradition to earn his spurs overseas; the farewell is bittersweet as he must part with JOANNA, the Clan Blacksmith's beautiful daughter he has been inseparable from since childhood, to his father's irritation.

At twenty -- taller and stronger with a ballsy attitude to accompany the good looks, Andrew is called home a year early to assist his father in troubles back home; the King of England, EDWARD I -- the Longshanks, has turned his attention to Scotland following the untimely death of the King. Having recently reduced Wales to a vassal state, Longshanks harbours similar designs on Scotland -- the north is not about to let that happen.
Upon Andrew's return, he wishes to resume his romance with Joanna, to the chagrin of his father who had high hopes of marrying him off to a woman of high birth so Andrew may carry on the family name with a son. Andrew causes a rift between the two when he defies his father to pursue Joanna, despite the talk around town that she is barren; Andrew learns that his father packed her off to a neighbouring clan to be the wife of a local knight, only for her to be sent back when she could not get with child -- this only serves to sour things further.

It is with this dark cloud hanging over the father and son's heads that they tackle Scotland's issues, amid potential civil war between clans and Longshanks' tightening grasp. Eventually it comes to war and the Scots are routed due to the division between them; Andrew and his father are taken captive along with many nobles, with Andrew placed in northern England while his father rots in London Tower. In time, Andrew exploits his gaoler's debts to secure his release and return home to raise his father's banners and rouse the north, all the while praying he and Joanna may conceive a child.

As Longshanks sends another army north, Andrew races to secure an heir and immobilize Scotland's depleted forces. He hears of a resistance in the south, led by a savage, giant commoner hell-bent on revenge due to the murder of his love at English hands by the name of WILLIAM WALLACE; he offers an alliance and the two contrasting leaders meet, forming a solid bond and resolving to make history together by freeing Scotland and Andrew's father, by defeating one of the most powerful armies in Europe on the field.

Submitted: May 8, 2019
Last Updated: July 4, 2019

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The Writer: Rory Lawie

As far back as I can remember I was always obsessed with film, spending hours studying movies and reading their screenplays when they became available to find online; however, it wasn’t until early 2018 that I decided to try my hand at writing my own. To add a fun angle to a research project I was doing on Scottish history -- William Wallace and Andrew De Moray the topic in question -- I chose to document it as a dual-protagonist feature screenplay to hone my technique and find my own style. The result was a 135-page monster, deliberately long so I could get as much practice in as possible. To gauge my abilities, I entered some of the smaller fish in the competition game, and to my surprise... Go to bio

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