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Four police officers form an uneasy alliance with a mysterious soldier to escape a city overrun by demonic creatures before time runs out.

The life of police officer Gabrielle Dutton was turned upside down when her city was overrun by strange, nightmarish creatures in less than 24 hours. Soon, a paramilitary team enters the city, but the team is quickly killed, except for Vincent Crowe. However, he’s soon captured by some of the survivors and taken to their shelter where he meets Gabrielle. After a tense moment, Vincent leaves the shelter and Gabrielle follows him, but turns back once the shelter is attacked. All the survivors inside are dead, killed by a mysterious creature. Vincent and Gabrielle fight, as he gains the upper hand, however, more surviving police officers: Captain Foltz, Erica and Jackson step in save Gabrielle. Vincent manages to escape.

In another part of the city, police commissioner and Gabrielle’s uncle, Dario Black succeeds in evacuating some of the citizens. However, in his search for more survivors, he stumbles on Raphael Vaz, who fits the description of a wanted serial killer. Dario and his men try to arrest Vaz, but all of them are killed by Vaz, except Dario who manages to kill Vaz. Once he returns to his makeshift command center in one of the city’s subway stations. A creature attacks, however, from the creature, a humanoid figure emerges from the creature. They’re horrified to discover it’s Vaz. They try to defend themselves, but Vaz kills them all and takes Dario.

Gabrielle and her friends use the sewers to reach their destination: 12th precinct to send out a message to the outside world. There they meet Vaz who poses as a survivor and tags along with them. Meanwhile, Vincent has already reached the 12th precinct and opens fire when he notices that Vaz is with Gabrielle and her group. Vaz’s and Vincent’s encounter doesn’t last long as a terrible creature attacks. Vincent distracts the creature as Gabrielle and her group take one of the police paddy-wagons to escape. Vincent escapes with the help of Gabrielle. They lose sight of the creature, but crash into a building.

They all survive the crash. However, Vincent is badly hurt. They rush to help him and as thanks he explains that everything that’s happened is Vaz’s fault as he used an artifact from his organization to summon the creatures. The group forges an uneasy alliance so they can make it out of the city as it is going to be destroyed by dawn. They stumble upon Dario’s command center and use one the trains to travel, but they’re ambushed by the creature from the precinct. They manage kill the creature and they split, Gabrielle and her group head towards a TV station to take the helicopter and Vincent to Vaz’s hideout, the old museum.

Vincent confronts Vaz but discovers he can control a shadow-like creature and that he has a special surprise for Gabrielle and her group. At the TV station, Gabrielle runs into Dario but he transforms into a hideous creature and attacks. Jackson and Erica lose their lives in the encounter, but Dario is killed by Gabrielle with the help of Foltz and retrieve the helicopter as dawn breaks. Back at Vaz’s hideout, Vincent uses his secret weapon to defeat Vaz, an ability which puts his own life at risk. With the shadow-creature gone, Vaz is helpless as it was the source of his “immortality” Vincent leaves him to die in the explosion, but was unable to retrieve the artifact as Vaz no longer has it.

As Vaz bleeds out, a mass of tentacles, teeth and claw breaks into his hideout and absorbs him. Once Vincent reaches the rooftop of the museum, the mass of tentacles attacks. Gabrielle and Foltz arrive just in time to rescue Vincent. The creature is engulfed in a bright light as the city is being destroyed. However, the helicopter is caught in the shockwave and crashes into a nearby forest. Vincent, Gabrielle and Foltz make it out of the helicopter and gaze the massive crater that once was a bustling city.

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The Writer: Carlos Montenegro

Born in 1985 in Guatemala City, Guatemala. As a young kid, he spent much of his time drawing and making up stories, rather than paying attention in class. After earning his High School diploma, enrolled for a BA in Graphic Design at Universidad Rafael Landivar in 2005, but ended up dropping the entire degree altogether, given that the curriculum wasn't "creative and artistic" enough. Go to bio