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When financial instability forces him to teach English to immigrants, a heartbroken, over-imaginative New Yorker must help a ragtag bunch of foreigners pass the class or risk losing what little he has left.

CHASE JONES (28, nerdy but in an old school way) comes home to find his girlfriend KATE MCILVAIN (28, cute with a serious spark in her eye) kind of cheating on him. She's in bed with two dudes who are actually going at it pretty hard and leaving her out. This prompts Chase to take a job at a Chinese restaurant with WANG DANG CHANG (58 Chinese, always in a bow tie) as his boss, as well as teach a night school class for Immigrants who have to pass or face deportation.

In his classroom, he meets ROSA SAMUEL (34 Hispanic and exuberant) SANTOSH MCGOSH (32, Hindi, has an energy that most rooms can't contain) BERNARD GREEN ( 35, White, South African, brawny and bold) and PIEK YOUNG TEO (35, a petite Asian with big breathtaking eyes) who is always late and brings Chase fatting food to fatten him up.

Back at the restaurant, Wang rides Chase for not getting food to the customers fast enough. Meanwhile, while Chase lives above the restaurant, Santosh attempts to persuade him into living with him.

At a meeting with the white board members which we find out that Kate is apart of, vague threats are thrown across as to threats on kicking the immigrants out of the county. Wang and Piek discuss Piek eventually owning her own restaurant.

In the Chaotic class, Chase tries his hardest to get everyone's attention so they can impress the school board into granting the class a chance to razzle and dazzle them. Back at the Restaurant, Chase gets recognized by the two guys in the orgy Kate was having, but they don't realize where they know Chase from.

In the classroom, Chase sees, everyone attempt at a project, including Bernard's bad stand up jokes, Rosa's Murder board, Piek's fattening of the board, and Santosh's sexual moves. All of them are a no go. Kate attempts one more time to have Chase give up on these students, but he is not having it especially with his crush on Rosa (Not that Kate needs to know that)

With Chase's new roommate he learns that Santosh can make Women sing the organism song, including Ice agents, that would normally want to lock him up. Santosh gives Chase some tips on how he can pick up Rosa, which leads Chase on a hunt for Mexican Ass soap. It not only makes your ass smell good but you as well.

Wang continues to time Chase at the Restaurant to make sure he is the best he can be. Back in the classroom Chase finds out that Santosh has taken care of the School board problem for now and they are off his back. In reality, Santosh made Kate sing her Orgasm song and she will back off for now.

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The Writer: Christopher Michaels

I graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a degree in TV writing and producing, and was fortunate to a write TV project entitled “Explorers” which was lensed in the Bahamas with Buffalo 8 Productions and Matthew Helderman. Recently my short script “the volunteer” won a table read in Canada, which I decided to count as my time being an international movie sensation. Science fiction is my passion; treading the line between it and horror is where I thrive. Go to bio

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