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Dig Deep

Cash strapped Andrew finishes Polytechnic in 1980 and finds work at the local free newspaper. The real business there though is money laundering and when he steals from the gang, for Andrew it's game over.



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It is 1980 Britain and Andrew has just returned from Polytechnic, he is newly single and nearly broke. He needs a job and after being accepted for an interview at the local free newspaper selling recruitment advertising he hopes his fortunes will change. Little does he know his suburban life is about to be turned inside out.
Turning up for the interview should be a simple affair but after a run in with a local mechanic working on the same small industrial estate Andrew has his first glimpse of smouldering violence that also resides there. He is saved by Nicky, the right hand man to Gino the main player in the local area, he runs the newspaper but uses it to launder money, sell fake goods, bootleg pirate videos, run protection and has fingers in most pies. Including the garage run by Big Dave.
Unfortunately Gino also has two incompetent associates, Arthur, Greyhound owner and avid gambler and Billy their driver. It is Arthurs love of gambling that eventually sees the gangs unravelling as he swaps dogs at an illegal Travellers racing track and is caught. With thousands of pounds 'in the hole' Arthur needs to pay off the Gypsies before Gino finds out or both he and Billy can say goodbye to their thumbs.
On the front the newspaper seems reputable and that is just how Gino likes it. Things could not be further from the truth and every Friday sees the culmination of the weeks work as all the cash is brought in, counted and 'lost'. Gino has a family and tries to balance home life against a life of crime and dating the latest hot prospect at the paper. He dotes on his wife Mandy and their young son Mario and as the boys birthday celebrations near all his cronies vie for the best present. Slowly Andrew becomes accepted and then welcomed in but not by all of the gang, some are jealous of this educated pretty boy.
Arthur has just taken delivery of stolen goods, fresh from the army barracks arrives a lorry load of metal detectors and what better present than to give one to Mario! Gino is forced openly to take his son metal detecting at the weekend.
Friday arrives, counting time. The sight of so much money is too great for Andrew. The estimated thirty thousand pounds could clear his fathers debit, save his house and still have some left for Andrew. Without thinking he takes the money.
The chase is on. Andrew flees to the one area he knows the boys from West London will not know Luddesdown, home to Kay his new ex-girlfriend. Before he meets her he buries the money in a field and goes to the local pub to gather some 'Dutch Courage'. He gets rather tipsy and as Kay arrives he finds out from the local barman that tomorrow is the day of the big treasure hunt, which so happens to be in the field he has hidden the holdalls containing the money.
The morning sees the gypsies, Gino and son, Andrew, the police and the rest of the gang descend on the field to find the money.

Submitted: September 8, 2019
Last Updated: September 18, 2019

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The Writer: Saul Gittens

Basically I am new to all of this so please bare with me. I am still a working Director of Photography and Head of Training for a major TV and Film rental company based in the UK. I have been involved in a number of shorts and decided to start turning the ideas in my head into scripts. I had an agent but they thought my scripts were too difficult to place actually it was probably me that was not the right fit for them. So make your mind up if you read any of them. They are all different. There are four more that I need to polish before I add them here, 'Dig Deep' a bonkers black comedy, 'Perculiar Foul' a Steam Punk Horror, 'The Golem of SunnySide Towers' a Modern Dark Horror and 'The Funny... Go to bio

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