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A savvy chemical engineer and her electronics-expert husband develop a device that can disable a firearm‘s shooting capability. Their good intention of saving lives faces an uphill battle against the least expected opponent.



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After long research in her home garage, Gina Rossi, an anti-gun chemical engineer develops the right formula to change the behavior of chemical elements within the smokeless powder used in firearms. Her purpose is to disable the shooting capability of firearms in chosen areas. Gina, excitedly seeks the help of Paul Rossi, her husband, a pro-gun electronic engineer to obtain the same results, but this time via electronic transmissions. After some seductive convincing by Gina, Paul reluctantly starts working on the project.

Gina and Paul develop an electronic device that they call Disarma, and after a successful live test with real guns, Gina wants to show Disarma to the world and calls a press conference. The results of the press conference are not what Gina and Paul expected, instead, their good intention to save lives and provide people with a tool to stop unwanted shootings in their chosen area is not welcome, and fierce challenges are posed to Disarma by powerful people.

But Gina is not giving up on Disarma. She fights back to make the Disarma project a reality, even if it steps on highly sensitive toes.

CLOSING: The story addresses the issue of guns, but I think, I have been able to balance out the anti-gun and pro-gun groups’ passion about the subject, and pass the burden to an always acceptable guilty entity.

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Semifinalist on the Miami Screenplay Awards, April/2022

Submitted: October 21, 2022
Last Updated: February 16, 2023

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I have lived in Miami since I arrived in the US from Cuba in 1979. I started in the software development business at the birth of the PC in the 80s, and changed my career to be a Customs Broker when the Dot. Com. Bubble blew at the beginning of the 2000s. I have been a Customs Broker for the past 15 years, and I am on my way to retirement. Writing screenplays was always a dream, and now that I have the time, I have written three screenplays and one Short, two of the screenplays; Disarma and Driverless, have placed Semifinalist and Quarterfinalist in the Miami Screenplay Awards contest. Writing in English has been a challenge since English is not my native language, but challenges are what... Go to bio

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