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What are the consequences if we go too far to ensure the survival of the human race?

Join two soldiers on an alien planet as they struggle for control over their own bodies while they wage a battle against an alien enemy and a society that treats them as mere objects.

The Human Race has been forced to abandon Earth. One colony is sent to the planet Erda.

On the long trip, the colonists, bereft of an ethical counterpoint and driven by the fear of not knowing what they will face on their new home, develop perfect soldiers to combat the aliens they could face when they arrive on Erda.
They call them; Augments. Soldier’s whose arms and legs are integrated or replaced with weapons and robotic appendages, become more machine than human.

The length of time it takes to reach Erda, forces the colonists to develop a way to control the Augments. Using mindplants, the colonists are able to circumvent the Augment’s consciousness and control their bodies without having to worry about fear, revolt or weakness. Controllers learn how to fight from the safety of Control Ships, and the Augments are used as weapons on the ground; extremely replaceable and expendable.

One Augment, Elvee, is severely injured on the battlefield but manages to regain consciousness. Elvee is given to a Salvage Crew who are ordered to remove his robotic legs, weapon and armour. The Salvage crew of Onkie and Guyina have standing orders to dispose of unwanted Augments in an incinerator. Instead, they discover he is awake and trapped inside his body.

Onkie and Guyina release Elvee and give him full control of his own body. Elvee is then free to experience life for the first time. Eating, drinking and taking a bath is all new to him and he enjoys every moment. Elvee repays the Salvage Crew by helping them salvage parts from dead Augments.

Elvee witnesses the disposal of the unwanted humans, ripped from their Augment body parts and sent to the incinerator with no thought or care for them. Elvee is deeply disturbed by what he witnesses and is determined to help the trapped Augments.

A damaged Augment arrives at the Salvage Drop Off with another, seriously injured Augment in tow. The Controllers in charge of the Augments demand the Salvage Crew replace the damaged weapon arm of the damaged Augment with the good weapon arm from the seriously injured Augment, an act that is likely to kill the seriously injured Augment. Elvee snaps. The damaged Augment is taken out after threatening the Salvage Crew and the seriously injured Augment (Xi) is rescued.

The Salvage Crew realise Xi is also conscious inside her body. However, before they can free her, they are all arrested and taken to a Control Ship to suffer the consequences of destroying an Augment.

The head of the Control Ship is impressed with Onkie and Guyina’s ability to ‘control’ Elvee, and, with good Controllers in short supply and Augments in even shorter supply, he sentences them to assist in the battle for control of Erda.

Onkie and Guyina are taken away and learn how to be Controllers while Elvee and Xi are repaired and improved and made ready for battle once again. The four are reunited the next day and Onkie learns how to control Xi with Guyina pretending to control Elvee.

Elvee (pretending to be controlled by Guyina) and Onkie (controlling Xi) are sent into battle with their own mission: to free Xi by retrieving the box used to free Elvee.

On the battlefield, the Augment army have a huge advantage with far superior firepower, and are winning the battle easily. However, a new type of Tacron enters the war. With new abilities that expose the weaknesses of controlling Augments from afar. Elvee however has an advantage that arise from his ability to sense the new Tacron powers on the ground.

As the Augments begin to get slaughtered, Elvee and Xi manage to slip away from the battle and free Xi. Their new mission is to free all the Augments but they face a struggle on several fronts.

The leaders of the Colony fear the release of the Augments. They fear revolt and retribution if the Augments knew the truth and without soldiers to defeat the Tacrons, the colony cannot leave their ships in orbit around Erda.
The colonists blindly treat the Augments as heroes. From the safety of their ships, the colonists cheer on their favourite Augments through endless television shows and live battle feeds. They get attached to their favourite Augment and learn about their lives before they were drafted, not realising the Augments are being controlled without their knowledge by young, brash Controllers who are more worried about their own needs than the needs of their Augments.

Xi learns the truth of the Augment’s enslavement and finds out about her life before becoming an Augment. Xi is set on a path of retribution.

Elvee leads from the front on the battlefield, determined to win the war and keep the other Augments safe even though he knows they can’t win while the Augments are being controlled.

Elvee, Xi, Onkie and Guyina, with the help of others eventually overthrow the leadership, convince the Controllers that releasing the Augments is the only way to win the war and win the sympathy of the Colonists by exposing the truth of the Augment’s enslavement. But not all the protagonists survive the struggle of Erda.

Submitted: June 21, 2020
Last Updated: June 21, 2020

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The Writer: Mike Harrow

I have a story inside me that I need to get out. I love imagining how my characters will react to various situations and I especially enjoy the creation of a world where anything is possible. I hope other people enjoy my stories. I live in Christchurch, New Zealand. Go to bio