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Falling Asleep

In the days leading to his 22nd birthday, an average college student begins to have strange visions and dreams of a fantastical realm where his greater destiny awaits.



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Rüya has already lost. A dream realm full of endless possibilities has been taken over by nightmares and can no longer be the realm it once was. Through flames and darkness, Kayroon desperately sends her baby boy to the common realm, with hope that he can one day return as
“The Held”. The people’s only hope for salvation is a boy who doesn’t know who he truly is. Carson Daniels has been living a lie his entire life. To be fair, how could he possibly know? He grew up with a normal childhood, with normal parents, friends, and was going to
college just like anyone else his age. He had absolutely no reason to expect anything could be wrong. That was until the days leading to his 22nd birthday. Carson finds himself having strange visions and unbelievably realistic dreams, all while his true mother Kayroon, is whispering in his ear, teasing a life he was never prepared for.

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Berkan Dincer

Submitted: May 30, 2020
Last Updated: May 30, 2020

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The Writer: Berkan Dincer

Berkan Dincer is an Actor/Writer from Dallas, Texas. Currently repersented by The Clutts Agency, and is not signed with an literary management. Be sure to check Berkan out on social media as well, under the handle @BerkanDofficial Go to bio