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My coming-of-age novel, Farr Point
A bright high school senior strives for a college scholarship but is sidetracked by the attentions of his sexy landlady and the murder of his mentor.

Farr Point is a coming-of-age story about 18 year old Eddie Tipton. The script calls for no special effects and could be considered a low budget project with all locations in and around a small town.

Eddie and his mother, Catherine, arrive in the small Texas town of Farr Point. Eddie starts his senior year and Catherine begins teaching English classes. Catherine makes sure that Eddie applies for a college scholarship. They rent a room in the sumptuous home of oil baroness, Faye Ruth Paget, and Eddie is befriended by handyman, Ned Cotton. Eddie notices that Faye Ruth is flirtatious and soon the landlady invites Eddie upstairs to her bedroom. Eddie can’t resist his landlady’s charms but feels guilty about their relationship and fears Faye Ruth’s fiance will find out.

Eddie spends time with Ned Cotton who mentors him. Eddie makes friends at school and develops a crush on classmate Reenie Fontenot. Eddie learns that Faye Ruth’s husband, Lawrence Paget, was murdered a few years earlier. Eddie is intrigued by Faye Ruth’s wealth and notices that her affluence stands in contrast to the lifestyle he has with his mother. Faye Ruth offers Eddie gourmet snacks and liquor and soon he has gained weight. One dark night before Christmas, Eddie learns that Ned Cotton has been murdered with an icepick.

Eddie vows to uncover Ned’s murder and has a hunch that Ned’s and Lawrence’s deaths are connected. He begins his own investigation, a quest that takes him from the oil fields to the Black quarter.

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World Fest, Silver Remi Award, 2016

Submitted: September 5, 2017
Last Updated: September 5, 2017

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The Writer: Sam Havens

Sam Havens is a drama professor, playwright, screenwriter, abstract artist, novelist. Theatre productions in the USA, Australia, Canada. Farr Point screenplay is based on the coming-of-age novel of the same title. Go to bio