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Fiends Like Us

Ghouls, demons, beasts and monsters. They are real. They live amongst us in secret. They share our cities, our towns… Our social clubs.



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Fiends Like us is a mockumentary style sitcom following the misadventures of The Count, an ageing vampire and his team of ghouls including a Cyclops with a cataract, a depressed reanimated corpse, a kleptomaniac demon and a half breed werewolf, as they struggle to make their social club, The Neck & Jugular a success.

Think Phoenix Nights meets The Office meets Hammer Horror!

Presented as a TV pilot, Fiends Like Us can be adapted to a feature or even broken down into a shorter web series format.

Meet the fiends...

A 900 year old vampire and club secretary of The Neck & Jugular Social Club. He lives at the club with Renfield, his man servant. He is like a father figure to the other Fiends and although they mostly only give him a headache, he would be lost without them. They are the closest thing he will ever have to a family.

Renfield is loyal to The Count, as was his father, his grandfather, his great grandfather and his great great grandfather. He is the latest in a long line of Renfields that have served The Count, performing any task his master requires.

A half breed werewolf., Barry leads a double life. Married with 12 children his family have no idea he is a werewolf. Whilst other werewolves can change form as they please, Barry can only ‘wolf out’ when there’s a full moon. Because of this he lives a fairly normal life as a family man and used car salesmen. He is scruffy with poor hygiene. He hates Abi.

A Russian, kleptomaniac horned demon with the power of future sight, albeit limited to only 5 seconds. You do not want to leave your belongings unattended when Abi is near. She is tall, dark and dresses like a Disney Villainess.

An aging Cyclops with a cataract. His eyesight is extremely poor. Colin is friendly and kind, always willing to help when he can. To disguise his identity he wears a beany hat to cover his Cyclops eye and dark sunglasses to cover where his human eyes would be. He also carries a white stick.

An invisible sexual deviant. He could be anywhere and he usually is!

A merman. He is flamboyant, loud and lives in a canal close to the club. He has long hair to hide the gills on his neck and spends his days earning money as a male escort.

A reanimated corpse in the style of Frankenstein’s Monster. He dresses like an old man, very boring to talk to. He is also depressed and has attempted to take his own life many times.

An ancient Egyptian mummy. He is so old he can barely move. Any movement is limited to a ‘sigh’ of a drop of the shoulders. He’s very dusty.

A low level poltergeist who is resistant to change. He communicates by dimming / flickering lights and very occasionally, when he is really irked, he will summon all of his strength and possess people, controlling their bodies.

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Lit Laughs International Comedy Film Festival - Finalist
Out Of The Can International Film Festival - Finalist
CKF International Film Festival - Selected

Submitted: January 12, 2021
Last Updated: January 12, 2021

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The Writer: Peter Mckeirnon

Writer and filmmaker from the North West, UK. Creator of the critically acclaimed YouTube series, Dead Town, author of the bestselling Death in a Northern Town series. I have written and directed several short films including The Dog Walker, Swings & Roundabouts and The Quacky Slasher. I am currently in production with The Micro Killers, a horror anthology movie consisting of shorts made on a budget of £200 or less. I co-own Slumberjack Entertainment and I am a director at Dead All Day Film Festival and Slumberjack Film Festival. I like to keep busy. Go to bio

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