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First Time

After prom, an endearing teen loverboy prepares his motel room while waiting for a special guest.



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FIRST TIME is a dark comedy short that takes place in a motel room just after prom. Much in the style of classic slashers like HALLOWEEN, SCREAM or PSYCHO, this short subverts the tropes of teen romance, making for an exciting and gory twist at the end.

LOVERBOY, an awkward teenage boy in an ill-fitting rental suit, waits for the arrival of who we can only assume is a very special person. He meticulously prepares the room - cleaning every surface, setting the scene with romantic music, practicing what he'll say when the time comes.

Just when we think he's ready for a magical evening, the door handle turns, sending him into a panic. He hides in the bathroom as someone enters. Just as we expect, the beautiful PROM QUEEN steps into the room, though she's followed by her own special someone - the PROM KING.

They both realize that the room has been redecorated for an exciting night for Loverboy, less like Sixteen Candles, more like American Psycho. Plastic sheets coat the room, cleaning chemicals are piled neatly in the corner, and as the door closes behind them, Loverboy reveals himself now wearing a Halloween mask and donning a large knife. It becomes painfully clear that Loverboy's night will go exactly as he planned.

Submitted: August 21, 2020
Last Updated: August 26, 2020

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The Writer: Amy Kellar

Amy Kellar is a screenwriter and a recent graduate of the Screenwriting & Narrative Design post graduate program at George Brown College in Toronto. With a unique background in communications, bartending and tabletop roleplay games, Amy has just three obsessions in life: film, good cocktails, and people. Her writing reflects not only a love for the legacy of genre cinema such as horror and sci-fi, but also that the root of any great story - no matter what shape it takes - is character. Looking for affordable, quality screenplay consultation services? Check Amy out on Fiverr ! Go to bio

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