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A troubled hedonistic author is drawn into a pact with a demon. Flesh for freedom.



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Chronicle of the Flesh by MD Muller

Clara has found success with her first novel but now she has fallen to the comforts of alcohol and casual sex. A chance encounter with a homeless girl, Lucy, results in an attempted robbery. Clara is able to overpower Lucy which leads to an unlikely and tenuous friendship. A nights heavy drinking leads to a one night stand where both Clara and Lucy can indulge in their mutual appreciation of each others flesh.

The next morning, the hangover is the least of Clara's worries. Lucy is gone, but what is left behind are blood stained sheets. Clara is overcome with panic. What happened? Her anxiety morphs into unbridled fear as she learns of a body that is found slaughtered in the local church. Clara puts two and two together and assumes it is Lucy.

Confused and scared, Clara drowns reality in alcohol. In a moments lucidity, she decides needs answers. At the church, she finds signs of Occult practice. She learns of a ritual and performs the ceremony out of curiosity.

Days after the ritual, Clara starts to have supernatural experiences. She is transported to the void between life and death. It is here she meets the demon, Andras who offers a pact that cannot be refused.

The world of reality and nightmares merge as Clara is tested emotionally and physically. Each person she meets is a potential victim where their flesh can satisfy Andras' needs. As the bodies increase, there is an attempt to exorcise the demon from Clara to a tense climax.

Submitted: November 29, 2020
Last Updated: March 1, 2021

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The Writer: MD Muller

My name is Matt and I am a UK based author and screenwriter. I studied at the International Film School of Wales in 2002 and have made award winning short films. My interest is primarily Horror. I have adapted my debut novel, "Chronicle of the Flesh" into my first screenplay but aim to explore other genres that interest me. My literary influences include Clive Barker, Bret Easton Ellis and Chuck Palahniuk. With regards to film, I am infuenced by Dario Argento and Italian Giallo. Looking to work with producers and creatives on projects. Go to bio

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