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A mysterious couple abduct a man and force him to participate in an unusual dogfight.

Somewhere near the Arizona- Mexico border, Hazel and Steven hunt down a fugitive named Kory. They catch him, throw him in the back o their van and take him to a remote farm. They throw Kory in a holding pit with a metal cage door. Hazel whips Kry, leads him to another set of cages, these containing LEONORA and ALICIA . When night approaches, the barn fills with a crowd of drug dealersand other low-lives who come to gamble on a game of chance and skill. The barn has been modified into a retrofitted arena. Kory, Alicia and Leonra are selected to fight, and most likely die, from their challenger : a werewolf.

A bloosoaked battle ensues. Kory can only save one of the women, who fight alongside him. Kory only overpowers the monster when he gives in to his repressed memory and begins to change to a werewolf himself. Hazel demads her winnings from the local gang leader who bet against her "dog" Kory.

Submitted: October 31, 2017
Last Updated: October 31, 2017

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The Writer: Darren Seeley

I have written several full length and short spec screenplays, which have gone through peer reviews at Zoetrope Talentville and Simply Scripts. Attended the Austin Film Festival and Heart Of Screenwriter's conference in 2001 and 2002. I occasionally volunteer to help out the Flint Film Festival. The genres I write in vary- Horror, sci-fi, action, western, comedy. Short Script filmed : Forced Donation (2012/2013) [writer only] Internships (Graphic Design, Baker College): 1) Sign Screens, Burton MI 2) Perani Arena/Flint Generals, Burton/Flint,MI Previous amateur 'volunteer' film reviewer haunts: The Projector Booth (1999-2004) Dark Universe (2005) Choking... Go to bio

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