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Fresh Cut Grass

In possession of a widely used recreational source, a number of problems occur for Leonard. He is the owner of the hanger supplying product. But for how long?...



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My own experiences and research.

Leonard is the owner of the hanger that supplies recreational sources to the locals in town.
But in time he goes through a fluctuation of problems with outside interests.
Together is of course stronger with friends that fight the cause making sure nobody swindles
the business, that inevitably pays.

A timeline of kerfuffles and police snapping at their heels mean problems
starting with Tucker. He's a thug that knows of what Leonard does and collects packages
for an independent underground organisation. Apparently Leonard undercut a quota because of
a technical mistake, later to find out Tucker is returning to play 'merry hell' with him.

A member of parliament from the borough manages to get inside the hanger whist
canvasing with luck and incompetence from Leonard's right hand wing man Rashie.
Hershall, this MP is beside himself at this situation and cleans out all the product while Leonard is away.
When they all return the next operation is to get the product back somehow at a
lonely cottage run by foreign interests, with automatic guns.

Submitted: October 11, 2018
Last Updated: January 17, 2021

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