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Fresh Cut Grass



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My own experiences and research.
In possession of a widely used recreational source, a number of problems occur for Leonard. He is the owner of the hanger supplying product. But for how long?...

Leonard is the owner of the hanger that supplies recreational sources to the locals in town.
But in time he goes through a fluctuation of problems with outside interests. Together is stronger
with friends that fight the cause making sure nobody swindles the business that inevitably pays.

A timeline of kerfuffles make everyone involved contained in circumstance and brazenly
have difference of opinions. The characters indeed then shine through and make for, a possible end.

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The Writer: Dale Swaby

When you know how basically a movie works and represent yourself in tact of learning, it is an incredible experience. I have created a few screenplays now and own them with pride, also taken influence of the industry mainstays collating their own endeavor as well. The best advice I could give is don't rush anything when producing a script and make a statement whether in satire to horror or a 'satire horror.' The work here is transparent and maybe not influential enough for ongoing process, but the works do carry something, great culture ...


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