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After a nightclub waitress finds glasses that allow her to see people’s thoughts, she uses them to see what her co-workers, her boss, and a stalker are thinking.



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Sci-Fi/Thriller short script for sale

A Sci-Fi/Thriller version of “What Women Want” and "What Men Want"

Sub-genres: Contained/Crime

Budget: Micro


After her shift at a nightclub, a young waitress named Sophia Hill has a run-in with Edward Gray, a stalker. He makes her uneasy.

Sophia finds glasses left in her apartment by the previous tenant. She uses them on co-workers and sees their thoughts. She uses the glasses on her boss, Rik Williams, and sees his thought (he can’t believe how beautiful she is).

Sophia sees a bartender’s thought (he’s going to rob the club). She tells Rik. The bartender draws a gun and demands Rik open the safe. Rik beats him with a bat, saving Sophia from being shot.

As a police officer takes the bartender away, Sophia sees the bartender’s thought (he’s going to come after her when he gets out of prison).

Edward visits Sophia at her apartment. He makes her uneasy. She sees his thoughts (she looks like his daughter who died, and he misses his daughter). Feeling for him, she invites him in to talk. She says he should come to the club sometime.

At work, Sophia sees Rik’s thought (he’s going to kidnap her). He attacks her. Edward shows up and fights him. Sophia pepper sprays Rik. As Edward gets duct tape to tie Rik up, Sophia calls the police and watches Rik, making sure he doesn’t try anything.

Three weeks later, Sophia practices self-defense at her apartment with Edward. As she leaves for her new job, a stranger with the same glasses shows up. Not wanting to answer Sophia’s questions in the open, the stranger asks Sophia to come with her.

Potential: Feature script and/or series (TV, web, or limited)

Thanks for hearing my pitch. Message me on Script Revolution or email me with any questions.

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Submitted: December 9, 2021
Last Updated: December 8, 2022

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The Writer: Maurice Vaughan

IMDb : Email : I'm an experienced screenwriter, commercial writer, treatment writer, and pitch deck designer. I'm also part of the Stage 32 Lounge Crew in the Screenwriting Lounge ( ). I mainly write micro-budget scripts and low-budget scripts (mostly Horror and Thriller). About 100% of my scripts are Contained. I like writing flawed characters and unique stories. I write quickly, I work well on a team, and I'm very detail-oriented. I've written many types of scripts (feature, commercial, short, teleplay, book-to-script adaptation, PSA, radio play, and anthology). I co-wrote “Jackpot" (produced... Go to bio

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