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Go Ask Alice

A down-on-her-luck waitress becomes a Human Lab Rat to find the cure that will save her daughter’s life and starts a revolution that threatens to topple the pharmaceutical industry... if it doesn’t kill her first.



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THE WORLD – The show explores the underworld of clinical research and life as a human guinea pig (aka Lab Rat), where rich rewards are achieved at the risk of their own health from not only the drugs and side-effects themselves but also those hired to ensure victory at all costs in the high stakes “warfare” between pharmaceutical rivalries.

Down-on-her-luck waitress Alice Delaney spends her days eking out a living that barely pays the rent. Until she serves the strangest tea party of her life.

Macen and his companions celebrate finishing their latest lucrative clinical trial as Human Guinea Pigs. Their happiness is short-lived, however, when one of them collapses. In exchange for saving his life, Alice finds herself fired and now vulnerable to her sleazy landlord.

Worse, her young daughter Lilith has been rushed to the hospital where she’s diagnosed with a rare blood disorder that requires experimental and expensive treatment. Without options, she seeks out Macen, who uses his wiles to get Alice accepted into the Lab Rat system and ready for her first major trial. But as a former addict, Alice is terrified of taking another dive down the rabbit hole.

Especially as Dr. Gussano, a researcher with dubious morals, intends to have a successful trial for his latest drug known as PAR 573 – regardless of what the drugs do to the Lab Rats.

When his drugs go missing, however, Gussano assumes the newbie, Alice, is a mole for a competing clinic and orders his thugs to take care of her and retrieve the stolen supply. After being injected by the goons with an almost lethal dose of a psychiatric drug, Alice barely survives with the help of her new unlikely friends.

Weak and exhausted, Alice returns home to find a mysterious man from her past seated at her kitchen table before collapsing into unconsciousness.

Over the course of the season, Alice will risk everything to find the one elusive drug that will save her daughter's life. To do this, she and her new lab rat family will lie, cheat, and steal as they chart a dangerous course into the underground world of unethical clinicians, life-threatening drug trials, and a community of desperate lab rats. As the series builds, Alice will find herself the catalyst in a war that threatens the entire Pharmaceutical Industry – and her own life.

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Recommends from Danny Manus from No Bullscript Consulting and Val McLeroy at Epigram Entertainment.
Austin Film Festival - Second Rounder
Page Awards Semifinalist
Roadmap Writers Jumpstart competition - Top 50 Pilots

Submitted: February 28, 2023
Last Updated: March 10, 2023

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The Writer: JoAnn Hess

JoAnn is a multi-award-winning screenwriter and producer for film and TV. JoAnn’s work has been optioned and contracted for hire by producers in both the US, UK, and Australia, and currently, has over a dozen projects in various stages of development. JoAnn also writes and develops projects through her own company, Pure Moxie Productions, LLC. She is a part of Disney’s Creative Talent Development & Inclusion team (CTDI) which connects creative talent with diverse stories to opportunities across Disney General Entertainment Content (DGE). As the Creative Executive for London Angel Films (UK), JoAnn is responsible for the development of the company’s slate of films. JoAnn works closely... Go to bio
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