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Gold In Globe

A small time crook from the city finds a treasure map that leads him to the mountains, with a detective hot on his trail he seek riches and finds more then imagined.



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Oscar is bearded and a bit of a dumb criminal and after a night of partying he steals a vase from a museum. Inside he finds a treasure map that leads him to the mountains. A city detective is hot on his trails and follows him up to the mountains. Finally, in the mountains Oscar seeks help from a criminal local to find the treasure. All the while the city detective seeks help from a local mountain policewoman Dallas. The cops eventually catch up to the criminals as they finally find the treasure. There is a stand-off and it is revealed that the city detective actually loves Oscar and now its three bad guys against one cop. But then the mountain criminal reveals himself to be undercover, evening the odds back to two against two. They have a warm moment, cops keep the treasure and Oscar and Emmy walk off in sunset, fade to black.
We see Oscar in bed, only this time he is clean shaven. Waking up to find headshots of himself, with the name Troy, now speaks with English accent. Then his girlfriend comes in, also English, regular morning asking if I have audition today for work. The girlfriend is the city detective, only different style hair. It is revealed that Troy has audition as Oscar who is a criminal character. Someone at the door, Troy answers and it is the neighbor who was the mountain cop, and looking out to see the gardener who was the mountain criminal. Wizard of oz style ending.

Submitted: January 11, 2021
Last Updated: January 11, 2021

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The Writer: Troy Musil

Former Carpenter, Former Athlete, Former Medic, Former Animal Specialist, Former Cook. Moved around United States, Lived in FL, PA, OR, WY, CA. Then moved to LA in 2014 for unrelated reasons and got into working in the Film and TV industry shortly after moving here. Have worked a lot of productions mostly Acting but also Set Medic and behind camera. In 2019 I started to try my hand at writing. I love the whole creative process, in acting I love bringing characters to life. Now, with writing, I feel in love with writing and bringing worlds to life with endless characters and possibilities. Thanks for stopping by, happy reading and writing. Cheers Troy Go to bio