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Quaint Graceland is a place of peace, especially for the Reynolds family who live a high and luxurious lifestyle. But when World War I breaks out their family must humble themselves to help others.

Life is a busy adventure for the filthy rich Reynolds family. The estate is run by Graham Reynolds and his wife Ethel, and they have three daughters: Winifred, Daphne, and Phyllis Reynolds. The story starts out with Sir Reynolds finding out that WWI has broken out and that life will never be the same again. He must prepare his family and household staff for oncoming war. Soon enough there is a telegram announcing that a soldier named William "Billy" English has been utterly wounded and has no place to go but to Graceland Manor. Phyllis, the youngest is utterly astonished by the damage done to Billy English in the war and she refuses to let him die away alone. So she does the one thing nobody else dares to do--she stays with him every day until he is healed, tending to him desperately. Not only does he heal...but he falls in love.

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Those who have read this have been utterly moved and empowered by the determination of Phyllis Reynolds and her father Graham Reynolds and have requested it's continuation in episodes. It says it is not for sale, but if you are interested let me know.

Submitted: July 2, 2020
Last Updated: July 2, 2020

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The Writer: Emma Sumlin

I am a screenwriter with big dreams. I want to act, but I also love the art of storytelling and drawing an audience into a true circumstance, or the beauty of your imagination. I think the beauty of storytelling is changing someone's perspective of what they thought they understood. All screenplays are "not for sale," but if you are a legit moviemaker or television maker who has very good credentials in the film business, let me know and I will consider selling my screenplay to you. Go to bio

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