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Grave Girls

Four teenage girls return from the grave to investigate their own murders.



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“Grave girls” tells the story of a very different sort of “clique”. A group of teen girls from different socio-economic backgrounds who share one thing in common: They were all victims of an infamous series of murders ten-years in the past.

Payton Marsh was a practical, no nonsense girl from a solid and well-adjusted middle-class family, the “good girl” who did well in school and led an active, if overly cautious social life.

Jackie Orr is Payton’s opposite, a tough, wild child, raised by an alcoholic single mother.

Liz St. Croix was from a wealthy, respected family, an aspiring model and high-school queen, with a well developed sense of entitlement.

Naomi Bell was the shy, overweight girl either bullied or ignored.

The four girls lived in their own separate worlds, divided by class, by the rigid social structures of high-school and the area in which they were raised, an area with an unhealthy and volatile mix of prosperity and poverty, civility and abandon, and faith, both traditional and sinister.

Until one night they emerge from their graves ten years after their own murders. Confused and in shock, they take refuge in the shabby house of caretaker Carl Shanks, who cared for the girls when they were still six-feet under and “much less of a problem”.

Carl also knows some of the history of the notorious “trick or treat killings”, which still haunt the town of Hampton and the secretive mountain community known as “Hush”.

While coping with a variety of “post-death” physical problems as their bodies try to readjust to living again, they are forced to bond together, “sisters from the underground”, to find the killer or killers.

They must hide their true identities from friends and family who have all gone on with their lives, find their place in this “life, the sequel” and discover the purpose behind whatever mysterious force has re-animated them.

For these “grave girls”, growing up is about discovering the secrets of the past in a future that has unfolded without them.


Submitted: February 19, 2018
Last Updated: February 19, 2018

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The Writer: Brent Shepard

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