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After slaying an undead monster, a young grave keeper must track down a mad scientist in order to prevent the deaths of the townsfolk.


Greg Graves comes from a long line of warriors known as the Gravekeepers,
an organization dedicated to protecting the world of the living from the threat of
the undead. His parents, Grant and Margaret, met their end when he
was a child. As a result, Greg now lives with his uncle and works at his family’s
business, The Sunnyvale Cemetery as he trains to one day become a fully-fledged

However, all is not well in Sunnyvale. Undead sightings are
increasing at the same time as a mysterious sorcerer, known only as The
Necromancer makes a dramatic appearance in town. There is something very
wrong with Sunnyvale. Some dark force lurks within it waiting to be unleashed, and
Greg may be the only one who can stop it.


After an encounter with a construct, Greg Graves and his uncle Graham must
track down the mad scientist Dr. Blumenstein and put a stop to his deranged
experiments. Greg learns more about the doctor’s victims while Graham discovers
his secret lair. Greg breaks into the lab expecting to find Blumenstein, only to be
attacked by Frankie, one of his constructs.

As the danger mounts, Greg challenges his uncle’s refusal to fight. Graham
learns to let go of his grievances and be the parent that Greg needs. It is discovered
that Blumenstein is collecting body parts for his dying son Adrian, in an attempt to
save his life. In the final confrontation, Graham defeats Frankie while Greg catches
Blumenstein. The uncle and nephew briefly reconcile as Graham commits to being a
proper guardian.

Submitted: November 2, 2018
Last Updated: November 27, 2018

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The Writer: David Klatt

David Klatt currently resides in Mississauga, Ontario. He attended Humber College and was enrolled in the Film and Television Production Program where he found a passion for screenwriting. After graduating in April of 2017, David began his writing career in independent film. He decided to develop an animated action show and began work on writing television pilots. It was during this time he began developing his ideas for his current project known as Gravekeeper. Go to bio