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Reflecting on his days as a debaucherous rock star, an aging author must find a way to keep a promise that he made many years ago, or risk dying with a guilty conscience.

The story opens with a MAN and his three legged dog boarding their sailboat in Channel Islands Harbour. They set sail on the early morning open sea. The Man behind the boat’s wheel is LANCE BECKER, 47, a novelist with well earned lines in his face. Glancing at an old Polaroid picture of a GLAM ROCK BAND, he reminisces.

Flashback to Phoenix, Arizona, 1988. An eighteen year old Lance and his three band members, THE LITTLE DREAMERS, play music at a large house party. GABE, 18, is the reckless and fun drummer. CRAIG, 18, the most talented, yet too serious for his own good is the guitarist. JESSE, 18, hard working, heavy drinking, adrenaline junky is the bass player, and Lance is the charismatic leader of the group that convinced them from childhood on, to pursue their rock star dreams.

One final blow out party on their high school graduation night, then the boys are off to Hollywood. The land of dreams. The rock-n-roll mecca. Before parting, hearts are broken as Craig and his girlfriend MICHELLE, 18, begin their long distance relationship. Whereas Lance and his girl HELEN, 18, call it quits. He promises that he’ll be back for her one day.

The next morning, the boys hit the road to LA. They arrive by nightfall to their new pad in Venice. It’s old, it’s seedy, and they love it. After unloading, they decide to head to the Sunset Strip. A night of partying pursues.

The Little Dreamers waste no time. They work as hard as they party, and within their first year in LA, they have one of the biggest followings of all the bands that are there to make it. Fans, club owners, and music industry professionals all take notice.

After one of their best shows, famous record producer ADAM HORROWITZ, 49, signs the band. With a recording contract, a tour deal, and a HEFTY sum of money... Let the games begin! Excess, debauchery, and the fast life just took on a whole new meaning.

Beautiful women, beautiful mansions, and beautiful toys. It looks like The Little Dreamer’s dreams have come true... But not without casualty.

One night near the end of the tour, a tragedy strikes the band that changes everything forever.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t end there. With So Cal’s Hair Band music coming to an end and Seattle’s grunge taking off, the band loses their contract.

However, Some things happen for a reason. The Little dreamers part peacefully, and Lance needs to deliver on a promise that he made.

Submitted: February 27, 2017
Last Updated: June 4, 2018
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The Writer: Lance Wallick

Lance Wallick is an American born screenwriter, author, and journalist that resides in Huntington Beach, California. Before focusing on his creative endeavors full time, he worked as a research and creative content writer for a daily equities newsletter. Lance studied literature and creative writing at the College of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas, Nevada, as well Journalism at Ventura College in Ventura, California. His love for film started when he was a child. Lance started shooting homemade movies at the ripe old age of ten on his father's VHS camcorder. As a young adult, he worked as an extra on several movie and commercial sets. In his writing, Lance claims to draw much of his... Go to bio

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