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Harold thinks he got away with murder until a Demon in the afterlife proves him wrong.

Harold, 55, recently separated from his wife and a few beers short of a six pack, has committed a terrible crime that he thinks he got away with. One evening on his way home from a bar he becomes the victim of a botched robbery. He dies and ends up in his living room in the presence of Aamon, a young and handsome Demon with a bad case of indigestion.

Aamon wants to ask some questions to help Lucifer decide if he should be sent to hell.

After Harold admits to murdering his Mother-in-Law all hell breaks loose and Harold realizes he's the subject of a prank. His ex-wife and the police walk in and tell him it's all fake and that he's not dead, that the robbery was fake and he was drugged and bought back to his house. He's told they did it to get him to confess to killing his Mother-in-Law.

As Harold leaves his living room in handcuffs, he suddenly wakes to find himself back in front of Aamon on the couch. No police no ex-wife. Lucifer is there too.

Aamon and Lucifer have a laugh over the fact that yes, the FBI and his wife had planned this prank, but the actor that was suppose to tranquilize him and make it look like a robbery gone wrong, accidentally stabbed him in the heart killing him for real.

Lucifer loved the idea and effort put in by the ex-wife so much he wanted Harold to experience it.
Harold by this stage doesn't know what to think anymore. Unfortunately for him, his evil Mother-in-law is in hell to, and thanks to Lucifer they get to spend eternity together.

This is a goofball, crazy ride of banter between an uptight and indigestion riddled Demon, a not so bright Harold and a sadistic Devil that loves putting people through hell, literally....

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The Writer: Kirsten James

Kirsten is an aspiring screenwriter in her mid 40’s, originally from NZ, living in the USA. She started writing short stories 5 years ago, and after a year learned that she was more geared to writing scripts. Kirsten has a degree in psychology and finds this a great asset to her writing.

Kirsten has 1 short in production.

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