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“Head/Dead” is action-horror, “The Purge” meets “Zombieland,” a day in the life of the undead invasion of New York City.



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Deep in the underground club scene of downtown Manhattan, a young couple witnesses a deranged woman kill two lovers in brutal fashion.

Earlier in the day, a freak tornado touches down in a cemetery and uproots 200 graves.
A series of bizarre and fatal ambulance wrecks plague the city.
A train operator is savagely killed, along with his attacker, in a subway station.
A visiting artist sees something and says nothing: a Neo-Nazi abducts a drugged woman on the street.

It is a long, bloody overnight under a full moon.
The last few seconds tick away before Friday the 13th.
In a few hours, New Yorkers will wake up to the most terrifying day they've ever known.

The police link a series of violent assaults and crazed seizures to a deadly new brand of heroin flooding the streets.
The mayor, desperate to secure his legacy, plays down the threat to the general public.

A commercial flight bound for Paris crashes in the East River - nearly all the passengers and crew are discovered to be long dead, murdered by some....thing.
A culinary network personality is mauled on live television.
A pop star, missing for three days, emerges to rip off her former lover's face outside a restaurant.

The young couple from the club are bewildered that there is no media coverage of events from the night before. No one is even interested in their horrifying eyewitness accounts.

As the day goes along, the violence escalates. The mayor cannot muster an effective response: NYPD veterans are calling out sick in a labor dispute.

Two beat cops become privy of the mayor's deployment of less seasoned NYPD officers in setting up a blockade to contain....what?!?

The mayor soon meets up with New York's governor and the President to discuss another threat: a homemade nuclear bomb being transported through the city.

The true menace that has been happening all along - the dead are coming back to devour the living - finally gets the attention of jaded, self-absorbed, oblivious Manhattanites, but it's way too late.

A relentless epidemic of cannibalistic mayhem erupts as the day turns to night. Thousands die.

The clock ticks down to zero hour. The two beat cops unwittingly pursue the lone maniac who is driving around with the dirty bomb.

The mayor pulls out all the stops with the NYPD, authorizing lethal force in order to suppress the violence and corral the undead - and their victims - downtown.

The President is advised to abandon New York City to its fate.

The young couple finally finds relief in a bar - a bar owned and operated by shotgun-wielding survivalists who have been waiting for this exact apocalypse and may be even more dangerous than the walking undead.

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In March 2020, HEAD/DEAD was named a winner for Best Original Screenplay in the Hollywood Blood Horror Film Festival.
In July 2020, HEAD/DEAD was named a Quarterfinalist in The Script Lab 2020 Free Screenplay Contest.
In July 2020, HEAD/DEAD placed as a Finalist in the 2020 13horror.com Film & Screenplay Contest.
In August 2020, HEAD/DEAD was named as an Official Selection for the 5th Annual HorrorHaus Film Festival, Virtual Experience.
In October 2020, HEAD/DEAD was named as an Official Selection of the New York City Horror Film Festival.

Submitted: December 15, 2020
Last Updated: November 9, 2021

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The Writer: André Thierry

André Paul Thierry is an American screenwriter and playwright. In September 2020, his action-comedy “SuperHeroIsh!” was named as a Semifinalist in Season 5 of the Filmmatic Comedy Screenplay Awards. His stage play, "Setting Sun," was named as a finalist in the 2015-16 Dennis and Victoria Ross Emerging Playwrights Program and placed as a Quarterfinalist in the 2018 ScreenCraft Stage Play Competition. In November 2020, “Setting Sun” was longlisted for the 2020 Theatre503 International Playwriting Award (UK). His Italian comedy-drama "Teatro Esposto All'Aria (theatre exposed to air)," placed in the second round of the 2018 Austin Film Festival Playwriting Competition. In March 2020, his action... Go to bio

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