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A slow burn suspense in which an average small town every-man has a fateful encounter with an enigmatic, terrifying contract killer that will change both of their lives forever.

It's simple. A mysterious and magnetic man, named Henry Porter, walks into a bar and sits next to your average small town every-man, Tom. What begins as meaningless banter between the two of them turns into a lively and engaging conversation. Through gradually and patiently layered dialogue, it becomes clear to the reader, however, that Henry is not there by accident, but is in fact "playing" Tom for some unknown reason.

When Tom runs off to the bathroom, Henry orders him an Old Fashioned...and poisons it.

Once Tom drinks it and begins to show signs of the toxin taking hold, Henry begins to reveal himself to be a more sinister character than we could have imagined. The tone turns dark as Henry talks about death, killing God, and Ahab from Moby-Dick.

When Tom nearly passes out at the bar, Henry takes him outside. The rest of the short takes place on a bench sitting alongside a main street. The tone turns tragic as Tom begins to die for an apparently old, unpaid debt. However, as he dies, Tom performs one last act of internal strength: he begins to pray The Lord's Prayer. This small thing goes virtually unregistered by Henry, yet...we see something in his eye. Perhaps this will stay with him**

Tom dies. Henry drives away. The end.

**To find out the larger story, which takes many twists and unexpected turns, read the Feature Length version of this story!

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Henry Porter
Bars are educational places… aren’t they?

STEP ONE: Muddle sugar with bitters
STEP TWO: Add Whiskey or Brandy
STEP THREE: Garnish with citrus and a cherry

These are the ingredients to an old fashioned cocktail, right?

Not exactly. In Lee M. Krempel’s Henry Porter, we meet 30-something Tom. A blue collar worker and family man looking to wind after a long day at his favorite bar – one where everybody knows his name.

That’s Tom’s tried-and-true routine. Order a drink, start a tab, sip slowly, chat up the bartender. It never included talking to strangers. Not since it became Tom’s “style.”

But when a stranger by the name of Henry Porter enters the bar, that’s exactly what occurs. With Henry’s salt & pepper hair and book in hand, his presence is intriguing. A new face with a new name.

Tom finds himself wanting to know exactly who Henry is. Every stranger has a story to tell.

The thing about stories is some are full of truths. And others? Lies.

The two men bond quickly over cocktails. Soon, Tom gets lost in Henry Porter’s memory of the best old-fashioned drink he ever had. But the ending of this tale isn’t as smooth as the contents of their glasses. By the time this yarn unravels, Henry and Tom discover the true cost of an old-fashioned good time.

Moral of the story. Be very careful who you drink with.

Henry Porter’s a script is full of mystery, heart and bitter twist. So sit back, relax and enjoy bringing this noir script to life.

Review by Karis Watie
Submitted: September 4, 2016
Last Updated: June 4, 2018
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The Writer: Lee Krempel

35 years old. English Department Head and teacher at a public high school. Former stage actor. Lucky husband. Writer. Lee's engagement with great literature, philosophy, and theology, at the teaching level (from university to secondary) greatly informs his writing. He believes that a rousing, edge of your seat story should also penetrate below the surface and touch on something deeply human. As a result, his work strives to be great entertainment that also provokes. Think: No Country for Old Men, Minority Report, Silence of the Lambs, and Do The Right Thing, among many more! Available on Script Revolution are two scripts of the same name. 1) The short film "Henry Porter" (a semi-finalist,... Go to bio

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