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A young man from Alabama who feels his southern heritage is under attack magically speaks with a long dead ancestor and learns that honoring his family name extends beyond flag waving.

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A good for nothing southerner feels the world owes him something.
But his great great great granddaddy will soon change his mind. Time and death can’t stop fate!

Admit it, racial tensions aren’t funny. But sometimes you have to laugh - or you’ll cry at the stupidity of some folks. In Heritage, Travis Sharp creates humor out of just that sort of prickly topic; squeezing laughter out of pain.

Buford (30s) is unrepentant. An overweight, unemployed layabout; faking an injury because he doesn’t want to work. Yet Buford has time and energy for things he considers important – like putting up a confederate flag on the building his great, great, great, granddaddy built.

Not to mention hanging out with pal Earl in his trailer – drinking, smoking and bewailing the wrongs of the world.

But thanks to some unexpected visitors, all that’s about to change.

First, it’s not-so-friendly policeman Bill, who orders Buford to stop antagonizing his neighbors, and flying the Confederate Flag in their face.  But fueling tension’s Buford’s pride and joy. He swears the law won’t hold him down!  Especially when Southern identity and Heritage are on the line….

Which is when Visitor #2 pays a call: Buford’s great, great, great, granddaddy Pappy… a decorated Confederate soldier from the Civil War –  now dead over a 150 years!  And as Buford’s about to discover, that much time makes a ghost very opinionated… and wise:

Pappy rubs his chin and shakes his head.

You don’t have work and you don’t serve in the militia.  How do you earn your wage, my boy?

Well, I get a check from work comp and my wife works at the post office... She got a nice union job.

Pappy jumps back and pulls his sword out.

Your wife is forced to work for the Union?

The exchange that follows between the Buford generations is anything but civil.  But funny and informative as Hell.

A fightin’ man even in his grave, Pappy quickly realizes it’s the future he’s fighting for – even if he has to force his no-good descendents to behave!

If you’ve enjoyed shows like My Name is Earl or Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, then this here’s the script you’ve been a searchin’ for.

Chock full of sharp dialogue, Heritage has super simple locations and would be a pleasure to cast. Trust an old script soldier: this is a skit independent filmmakers will be fighting battles over, even long after the war’s no more than History!

Review by Elaine Clayton
Submitted: June 12, 2017
Last Updated: October 16, 2017

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The Writer: Travis Sharp

I am an everyday father, husband, and medical professional who was born to be a writer. I waited for many years to follow that calling and now I am constantly learning, adapting, and networking to pursue the dream. I have a completed feature length, dark comedy that has received quite positive professional coverage from Screencraft and Stage 32. I am getting my feet wet with pitches and query letters. I have had several requests to read but no bites yet. I have written several short scripts, one of which was a quarter finalist on Screencraft and another that I hope to have filmed soon by an ambitious friend from Stage32. I am currently working on other features to include my hopeful... Go to bio

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