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A despicable truck driver who has a nasty habit of picking up young women on the road finds that his next passenger isn't all that she seems to be.

Andy, a a large truck driver is driving down an empty highway. He is having the time of his life on the road, and he loves his job. He thinks it is perfect for his little... hobby. Andy reaches over and pulls up a pink and glittering purse. Rummaging through it, he pulls out a woman's I.D. Andy is very pleased as he is lusting over the photo.

Andy is at a diner in the middle of nowhere watching the news. The news station is doing a piece of a missing woman. The woman shown on T.V. is the same woman in the I.D. from earlier. Andy then notices a young woman outside smoking a cigarette. The woman is very attractive, and Andy starts to lust over her. Andy walks outside and strikes up a conversation with her. The woman says that her name is Riley, and she is trying to get to California. Andy offers to bring her part of the way.

As they are getting in the truck Riley notices a woman's shirt on the seat, and it appears to have blood on it. When Andy gets in he cleans up a bit and hits incriminating evidence. Riley is taken back by this and avoids talking the rest of the way. Andy calls her out for not talking and starts to get touchy when the truck hits a deer. Andy goes out to check out the damage while Riley searches around for more evidence. She finds the shirt, the purse, and the I.D. She then checks in the back of the cab and finds the missing woman's body. Andy shows up and tries to subdue her. Riley then grabs Andy's throat and rips it open. With blood spouting from Andy's neck Riley reveals to be a little more than human and begins to drink the rushing blood from Andy's neck. When she's done she tosses Andy to the side of the road and drives away in his truck.

Submitted: February 15, 2018
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The Writer: Norman Mendoza

I am Norman Mendoza, I grew up in South Louisiana. I am the son of a welder/fisherman who wanted nothing more than for his son to get out of the swamp and make something of his life. I took to music at a very early age, and I devoted my life to being a professional musician. I came to the conclusion that I actually needed money, so music is now just a hobby of mine. I left Louisiana and moved to North Carolina. I stayed there for a year until I met my now wife. We moved to the Bay Area, and it was here that I realized that I have another passion in my life. A passion that was there even before music. Stories. I began writing comic scrips to develop the craft, and I eventually moved on to... Go to bio