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I Complete You

When a medical student makes a proxy boyfriend from body parts she amputated from the housemates who shunned her, a timid fresher must lead the survivors, including the love of her life, to safety.



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On her first night living away from home, Cynthia, a psychology undergrad, agrees to a slumber party with ‘Parry’ a vulnerable, but creepy, housemate. However, handsome Joe then persuades her to come instead to the house gaming night. ‘Parry’ (her nickname is short for ‘pariah’) is not invited.

When the gaming night descends into a drunken Nerf-ball rampage through the house, Parry gets accidentally hurt in the cross-fire. Later, Cynthia bursts into tears from guilt and Joe comforts her. They have sex.

During the night, Parry injects all of the housemates in the neck, while they sleep.

Next day, Cynthia and Joe wake up to find that they have each had a leg amputated, a couple have both had an arm removed and two other housemates are missing. They enter Parry’s bedroom where they find her with the missing body parts, which have been sewn together, to form a ‘boyfriend’ for her.

Cynthia uses her psychology training to negotiate an end to the crisis with Parry. However, when the landlady enters, Parry kills her with a meat cleaver. Cynthia passes out. She awakens later in the kitchen, next to the couple. No sign of Joe. They are now malnourished. Parry makes them a broth from the landlady’s body, forces them to work as a team to feed it to each other, instead of to themselves.

Parry then draws up a diagram of her plan to sew the survivors together - so that there are no more ‘pariahs’. However, when she detects a plot against her, she changes this to an evening of dinner party games, where the top-scorer can win their limb and their freedom back. Cynthia humours Parry, while hatching a secret plan with the couple to let Parry triumph, then overpower her while she is distracted.

However, the girlfriend panics and wins, tries to go. Parry slits her throat – because the game was really a test to see if anyone would think just of themselves. The boyfriend dies. Cynthia bolts - barricades herself in the basement. Parry tries to coax her out, but she becomes resigned to her death. Parry then swears a bloody revenge on Joe, leaves. However, Cynthia then discovers a way into Joe’s room via a crawl space, finds him barely alive and pulls him out, just before Parry gets to him.

Back in the basement, she hides Joe behind some boxes, tells him to push them on Parry if she enters. Parry breaks in - offers Cynthia the choice to save herself and leave Joe to her. She refuses. Joe pushes the boxes over, but they just miss Parry and she stabs him. Cynthia finally takes the opportunity to strike back and she bludgeons Parry to death. Cynthia holds Joe in her arms, at last.

Submitted: March 12, 2020
Last Updated: October 21, 2021

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The Writer: Peter Stead

Overview My main focus as a Screenwriter is the clash between the inner world of the psyche and the outer world of objective reality. Primarily, I have explored this through seven original feature screenplays, in different genres, from micro-budget Horror to mid-budget drama and on up to studio-level Adventure. Experience I am British, but my first script to be produced is a short which wrapped in the Netherlands in 2017, called Bijltjesdag , English title, Day of Reckoning: - Best Student film, Kerry Film Festival, 2018 - Youth Jury Award at Cinesud Euregion, 2018. My short script, Vampire , was a finalist in the Canada International Film Festival (2018). From this, I developed my first... Go to bio

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