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Idle Hands 2: Idle by Dawn

Slacker Anton Tobias and his friends are back to save the town of Bolan from certain doom, and they'll need all the help they can get.



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Characters created by Terry Hughes and Rob Milbauer

It’s been over twenty years since the possessed hand of teenage slacker Anton Tobias ran amok in the quiet town of Bolan. Now, Anton’s friend and idol Randy is the host of two evil entities. First they take control of his hands, then they take over his entire body, forcing him to go on a rampage that will surely end with the deaths of all his friends. Demon-hunter Debi LeCure has been slain, but she won’t let death keep her from completing her mission of saving the man who used to be her husband. Meanwhile, Nikki LeCure, the daughter of Debi and Randy, is on a roadtrip with her college friends, and Bolan is their final destination. Debi knows that the evil Randy will be waiting for Nikki when she arrives, so with time against her, she pulls Anton Tobias and his slacker angel buddies Mick and Pnub back into the fight against evil, and this will be a force more powerful than they could have predicted.

Anton’s new wife Molly is also a demon-hunter, killing and exercising demons around the world for a high price. While busy attending to a serious case, she has friends in high places that she can call on to assist Anton with his own mission. Evil Randy wastes no time leaving dead bodies in his wake, and discovering his new abilities given to him by the forces of Hell. Being able to fight both the living and the dead makes Randy a difficult opponent to deal with, and summoning a grand army of zombies doesn’t exactly help matters. He may have the upper-hand in this battle, but he doesn’t count on Debi turning Anton, Mick, and Pnub into the fighters they were destined to become.

This is a blood-drenched horror/comedy sequel like no other. All characters are back from the first movie, and are used to their full potential. Gorehounds and fans of stoner/slacker humor will have plenty to enjoy in this balls-to-the-wall follow-up to the 1999 cult classic.

Submitted: July 4, 2020
Last Updated: July 4, 2020

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The Writer: Joshua Standlee

Hello, I'm Joshua Standlee, longtime writer and film school graduate. I've been writing scripts as a hobby since I was very young, and with a filmmaking certificate from the Seattle Film Institute, I now have dreams of making a script for a full-length feature film. I took a two-year film program which was hands-on with filmmaking equipment, and I wrote, directed, and helped shoot three student films. My highest level of education is a Bachelor of Science degree at Central Washington University. Go to bio