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16 year old Del navigates life with friends and family, and tries to understand himself through the lens of his identity as an African-American.

"I'm Fine" is inspired by shows such as Louie and Master of None, where each episode is a slice of life of the protagonist Del with his friends and family. In the pilot, Del and his group of friends are juniors in high school, and go about their regular day. They talk about their favorite rappers, chase after girls, masturbate instead of doing their homework, and go to the movies among other things. But today is a particularly special day, as Del has been paired to work on a biology project with Roshana, his friend since childhood that he has not been close with for years because of a very unfortunate incident that happened when they were younger. Del now has new found hope to fix their friendship status, and maybe even become more than friends.

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The Writer: Olumide Tunde-Sanya

I am a 21 years old, and have only recently discovered my love of screenwriting, and have been constantly writing ever since. I have written several scripts and I am currently mainly seeking to learn and grow as a writer. Go to bio