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I'm So Done | Pilot | One Tough Cookie

When Pastry Chef, Rachael Berman-Harris bootstraps her bakery business, she relies on quick wit and biting humor to motivate eccentric employees, manage her quirky family, and survive in Silicon Valley.



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Based on the real life experience of Pastry Chef and Standup Comedian Rachael Berman

A talented Pastry Chef, Rachael Berman-Harris bootstraps her bakery, Sweet Bytes, fulfilling a childhood dream of owning her own business and raising her kids where she grew up, Silicon Valley California. She’s married to Brad Harris, an independent contractor and care-free guy who dabbles in everything from growing cannabis to becoming a Rabbi, and he’s not Jewish! They have two children, Daniel, a sleepwalking sports nut and Stacy, a social media diva. Their family dog is a very old pug-nose “therapy” dog, clinging to life. Brad informs Rachael he’s lost yet another construction bid and Pugly swallows a ball when Daniel tries to get him to fetch. Rachael hands Brad an envelope with cash to pay their overdue utility bill and agrees to take Pugly by the vet on her way to work, happy to be “so done” with the home scene.

Jenny Whitfield, a conscientious, never-late baker’s assistant, arrives late to work after being rear-ended by Facebook Events Coordinator, MaraLee Yang, who ultimately seeks her out from the exchange of business cards. She’s desperate to replace a dessert caterer that dropped out from their Women in Tech Event. She looks at Sweet Bytes as fate and informs them she has a ten-thousand-dollar cookie budget. Jenny is skeptical, but Rachael ceases the opportunity and readily accepts the order to deliver three thousand cookies by that evening. Maria Santiago, head baker and salsa enthusiast, gets hyper stressed by the daunting order, makes a salsa move, shimmies her upper body until her oversized breasts are perfectly adjusted and complains loudly in Spanglish. Rachael hands her Pugly to soothe her nerves, and Maria gives her a quizzical look about having a dog in the kitchen. Rachael receives a call from Pat Dung, a transgender Taiwanese Iraq War Veteran and owner of Happy Head Shop, informing her that her mother, Alice Berman, a hold-over hippy from the 1960s, locked herself out of her apartment again and is at the shop in her bathrobe. At the same time, she receives a text from Brad urging her to bring large bandages home immediately. Jenny hurries Rachael out the back door with a commercial first aid kit and to rescue her mother. Rachael’s uncle Alan, a retired almost-famous singer, obsessed with WebMD, arrives at the house with his own bag of remedies for Daniel’s injury. Jenny rallies the team, and the bakery gears up as Maria salsa dances her way across the kitchen and crashes into Bobby, a Gen Y junior baker, gaming enthusiast and failing Sweet Bytes web-site designer. The clash renders the last large flats of eggs into a gooey mess on the floor.

Rachael addresses the crises at home and picks up her mom, then returns to the bakery to find Brad and family replenished the eggs and are hard at work baking and boxing cookies. Rachael and Jenny rush to the Facebook campus for the event when she is approached by the headlining comedian for her cookies. Eating one as he begins his routine, he starts chocking. A panicked stage manager blames Rachel, pushing her on stage to help and the interaction is hilarious with the audience thinking it’s all part of the show. Later, Rachael and Brad have a tender moment at home where she reflects on the event and reveals how she was intrigued by the audience. Suddenly the room goes dark, and Rachael ominously asks Brad what happened to the cash.

EPISODE 1: One Tough Cookie - Pilot
Rachael Berman-Harris bootstraps her bakery business and quickly learns to rely on her natural quick wit and biting humor to motivate eccentric employees, manage her quirky family, and survive in Silicon Valley. While the bakery gets the biggest order they’ve ever had, for a high-tech special event, Rachael is forced
to handle a family emergency at home and rescue her stranded mother at Happy Head Shop. She is
late delivering the order but averts a catastrophe when she runs out on stage to save a well-known comedian headlining the event from choking. Rachael gets her first taste of what it’s like being on stage
and in front of an audience.

EPISODE 2: Magic Brownies
Brad has a plan to make extra cash by using an amazing hybrid marijuana plant he has grown in the backyard and creates competition between two top dispensary competitors for his product. Rachael and Brad also hatch a plan to use their pot plant to bake brownies for the moms at school to help socialize their daughter Stacy, who has difficulty keeping friends because of her attitude. Their Rabbi's secretary asks Rachael to think about going into the business of baking edible kosher cookies that the congregation can purchase without going to a dispensary.

EPISODE 3: Bun in the Oven
Brad finally lands a small construction job, but the kids are home from school because of a teacher’s staff day. So, Brad and crew take the kids to work. To keep them busy he gives Stacy his cell phone and she instantly gets on social media, uploading photos and videos of herself. Daniel insists on helping the crew and gets hurt on the job. Rachael wakes up feeling nauseous so she has a visit with an on-line doctor that reveals she might be pregnant. Brad and Rachael discuss the bakery's retail build out and Rachael finally goes to a salsa dancing class with Maria.

EPISODE 4: There’s a hole in this Donut
Brad has his crew begin the build out of the retail space for the bakery and gets a surprise visit from a city inspector that shuts them down. Bobby feels the website is ready and has a big reveal that is a big bust. The link to the website goes to an adult dating site and displays a picture of Rachael with a caption that reads ‘come taste my sweet buns’. Rachael gets a phone call from another mother, and she learns that Stacy's school teacher holds a circle of trust meeting with her class each morning where the kids are encouraged to tell secret things about their home and family life. Rachael heads to the school to speak with the administrator when she is told that Daniel and Stacy have lice. Rachael calls and gets an emergency visit to the Lice Lady where Rachael keeps all the other moms there entertained
and laughing.

EPISODE 5: Do they serve Muffins here?
Maria shows up at work on crutches and Jenny is forced to pick up her workload. Jenny fields phone calls from customers upset about receiving on-line orders that were different from what they chose. Rachael gets Bobby to figure out what happened, and they discover the orders went to a rival bakery. Rachael gets a courtesy call from the Police to come pick up her mother Alice from a climate change rally. When Rachael arrives, Alice, who has lost her glasses and insists to the officer that Rachael is not her daughter, so they arrest her. Brad & Rachael have a difficult time finding her in the jail system but ultimately bail her out, only to get complaints about the conditions and the food.

EPISODE 6: Your hot Buns are killing me!
When Rita, Sweet Bytes Bakery’s best customer's husband passes away, she asks Rachael to cater and officiate his funeral. Jenny and Maria come up with some creative funeral themed pastries. Rachael is nervous about being in front of a group of people and decides she needs to go to hot yoga to look her best. Brad makes progress in the retail space and gets a major sign off from the city inspector. Rachael, Brad, Jenny, Maria, Bobby, and the other bakery staff all attend Rita’s husband’s funeral. Rachael has an accident and winds up lying on top of the casket, and the funeral audience roars with laughter.

EPISODE 7: Does this taste funny to you
Rachael and Jenny bake pastries for the kid's school fundraiser. Brad works on the bakery kitchen's retail space and gets a surprise visit from David Silver; a high-tech billionaire and owner of the building who does not approve of the design which puts the brakes on the remodel. The school officials ask Rachael to MC their annual fundraiser and auction after the original MC gets sick and cancels. Rachael surprises and delights all the parents at the school with her comedic banter and they raise a record amount of money. Rachael is becoming more comfortable in front of a crowd/audience and proving to be very funny.

Rachael Berman-Harris
A business owner, wife, and mother of two, Rachael is the founder/lead pastry chef of Sweet Bytes Bakery, an up-and-coming bakery in California’s Silicon Valley. She is positive and upbeat by nature and fiercely supportive of her work and home family. Never without a witty remark, Rachael’s conversations are always laced with comedic overture and her, I’m so done, is the antithesis of her approach to life.

Brad Harris
Rachael’s husband, a building contractor by trade, is an avid gardener, curious about almost everything, with a willingness to jump in and try anything. One week he’s a gardening expert and the next he’s studying to become a Rabbi, and he’s not Jewish. He likes to be in control but knows when to yield to his wife, especially when dealing with the kids. He’s a good dad and due to schedules, does the essentials for the kids, especially in the mornings, i.e., breakfast, lunches, rides to school. He’s also a guys’ guy that has a core group of construction workers/buddies, a relevant topic due to the Silicon Valley housing crisis.

Stacy Berman-Harris (Rachael & Brad’s daughter)
Seven years old, she’s cute and funny with an attitude. Very outgoing, Stacy lives for and on social media, posting her latest thoughts and dance moves. She rules the playground at school and all her friends look to her as the trendsetter. A leader not a follower, she does not trend quietly.

Daniel Berman-Harris (Rachael & Brad’s son)
Ten years old, Daniel is very athletic and competitive, excelling in ice hockey and football. He is a natural born leader and is usually the captain of whichever team he’s on. Streetwise beyond his years due to his extensive social media engagement, he’s curious, and like to try and experience different things, just like his dad. And he also has some of his mom’s biting humor; cynicism and snarky remarks are the usual in this family dynamic.

Alice Berman (Rachael’s mom)
Baby Boomer, a hold-over hippy and stoner from the sixties. Alice has a group of close nit women friends she constantly attends protests with. Always willing to stand up and fight for a good cause, be it the environment, human rights, women’s rights, or animal rights, she has expectations of Rachael to support her with baked goods and feels slighted if she doesn’t get the attention she thinks she deserves. At times she is absent minded, but one thing for sure, she’s never met a protest she didn’t like.

Uncle Allan Berman (Rachael’s Uncle)
Older Baby Boomer, Allan is quirky funny but a chronic complainer and offers his “Expert advice” on everything. As a younger man, he was a talented singer who impersonated Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly and Ricky Nelson. Retired from singing he started painting, mostly his idols. He’s in good physical and mental condition but obsesses on WebMD, convinced he has every problem he reads about. He’s currently living with Rachael and family, after losing his home in his latest divorce. And has launched an effort to revive his showbiz career.

Pugly Berman-Harris (Berman family dog)
Baby Boomer - in dog years, a pug nose, trained therapy dog, wears an official vest, on his last legs, hanging on by a thread, makes an unusual wheezing sound when he breathes. He is fragile, lovable and seems to make magic happen when he’s around, i.e. Baby Yoda.

Jenny Whitfield (Head Chef, Rachael’s right hand)
Gen X, Sous Chef, practical approach to life, baking and business. She is hound-dog loyal, keeps the staff on their toes, and would do anything for Rachael and the business. Itching to be creative in the kitchen, she is always producing new food ideas. Jenny provides a good counterbalance to some of the joviality in the kitchen due to her more stoic personality.

Maria Santiago (Lead Baker, Salsa Dancer)
Gen Z, her family are Hispanic immigrants, but she was born and raised in the United States, which means Her first language is English, but she can just as easily speak fluent Spanish. She loves baking but is also an amateur salsa dancer. Maria is new to cooking in a professional kitchen, though her baking skills are the talk of her family, friends and the neighborhood. Talking to herself as she bakes, including yelling at her pastries if they don’t behave, Maria is easily agitated and just as easily delighted. Salsa dancing has become another obsession, mainly due to the instructor, but this adds to the flavor of the kitchen as she sings and dances and quips with her colleagues.

Bobby Thomas (Baker, Gamer and the only male in the kitchen)
A Gen Z nerd and a hardcore gamer, Bobby has his own twitch channel, and live-streams his games. He attends programming classes after his shifts at the bakery, but constantly complains about how hard it is. He has a creative side that Rachael tries to accommodate by letting him program the Bakery website, however, it’s a constant point of contention because its either not working, crashing, or redirecting customers to other sites. He is discovering that he likes baking, a job he took to pay the bills, and realizing that he likes the whole social media thing.

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Rachael Berman and Chuck Alley

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Coverage "Recommend" - Recommended by Indie Film Hustle (Coverage)
Top 15% of all 67,557 projects on Coverfly
Top 15% of 15,418 Comedy projects on Coverfly
Top 13% of 10,015 Television Half-hour projects on Coverfly
Top 14% of 7,031 Television Half-hour Comedy projects on Coverfly

Finalist, Portland Comedy Film Festival 2021
Finalist, Best Script Award/April - London 2021
Finalist, Best Script Award/July - London 2021
Finalist, Chicago Screenplay Awards 2021
Finalist, Austin Comedy Film Festival 2021
Finalist, WIKI: The World’s Fastest Screenplay Contest 2021
Semi-Finalist, Best Script Award - London 2021
Semi-Finalist, Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards Fall 2020
Quarterfinalist, Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards Winter 2021
Quarterfinalist, Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards 2019 Holiday Season Competition
Quarterfinalist, Wiki: The World's Fastest Screenplay Contest! 2021
Official Selection, Los Angeles Television, Script, and Film Festival 2021
Honorable Mention, Wiki: The World's Fastest Screenplay Contest! 2021

Submitted: September 26, 2021
Last Updated: November 22, 2021

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