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Indians vs. Aliens

When attacking aliens start melting Antarctica, humanity’s survival depends on an ace Native American fighter pilot and his tribe, who find hidden ancient weaponry and raise the resistance.



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In 2024, three alien landers reach Earth. Not friendly saucers - OBELISKS, bigger than large skyscrapers. They smash down at the South Pole, form a huge, shielded TRIANGLE and start melting the ice. PRESIDENT ANDREW LITTLE CROW’s advisers warn of disaster: in twelve hours, 70% of the planet’s fresh water will reach the ocean and raise sea levels over 200 feet. He orders ace Navy fighter pilot DANNY KEEPSEAGLE, an Omakri Indian, to go and investigate what the Triangle’s energy shield is hiding from the satellites.

After a treacherous flight via McMurdo Station, Danny battles the Triangle alone. He dogfights its COMBAT DRONES. But his weapons are no use when the Triangle’s energy shield PULSES, swatting his missiles and his fighter jet miles away. Later, a desperate nuclear ICBM attack is deflected by the massive Pulse, too.

The Pulses discolor Earth’s atmosphere and cause disruption. But they also activate alien ships, REULEAUX FIGHTERS, hidden millennia ago under mystical sites. On their reservation, Omakris TINO, RODNEY and elder JOE YAZZIE, and Danny’s friend WILMA PATCH, find a Reuleaux when it explodes out of the Omakris’ sacred Penta Din site, just as their ancient stories foretold. The tribe seeks Danny’s help.

Danny narrowly survives the Pulse, struggles back to McMurdo, gets the call and rushes home. A platoon of U.S. Marines follows, with orders to seize the ship. But the ship’s controls are Omakri-based, and only the Omakris can board it. Wilma speaks Omakri, so she and Danny take the ship to go fight before the Marines can stop them.

They attack the Obelisks and lose; one Reuleaux Fighter isn’t enough. The Yazzies find a second ship, and they fly to the battle just in time to rescue the couple. The fighters return to McMurdo. Wilma asks a ship for help in Omakri. It maps twelve, awakened around the globe by the Pulses.

With the President handling diplomacy and the Yazzies’ Reuleaux Fighter as a shuttle, they gather flight crews: aboriginal Australians to fly ships found at now-exploded Ayers Rock, Mayans for one that blasted out from under Chichen Itza, Nazcas for a Reuleaux that emerged from the Nazca Lines, Egyptians for the one from the Sphinx.

A fighter squadron crewed by descendants of the great early cultures musters at McMurdo. They attack the Obelisks, the battle rages, and the humans’ bravery and ingenuity save the day.

The President asks the Omakris to help manage the Earth’s new defensive weapons. Before they decide, at the South Pole a team hunting for the ICBM warheads sees ten new Obelisks falling...

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Semifinalist, Stage 32 Fifth Annual Fantasy and Sci Fi Screenwriting Contest.

Submitted: March 11, 2021
Last Updated: August 13, 2021

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The Writer: Lance Hendrickson

Lance C. Hendrickson is an award-winning writer, and has been a contributing columnist for publications across America such as The San Antonio Current (Texas), Connect Savannah (Georgia), and The High Plains Reader (Fargo, ND); he also served as a member of the Muskegon Chronicle's reader-advisory panel. He was elected to his hometown school board in Hesperia Michigan in 1997, and was the Democratic primary winner in Michigan's 101st State House district in 1996 and 1998. Hendrickson has been a licensed attorney since 1993, focusing early in his career on complex commercial litigation, major felony defense, and federal Indian law. Later professional life in six states found him representing... Go to bio

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