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A confused assassin for a black ops faction of the government learns the nature of his true actions in a surreal story of self-discovery.

Lucky has worked for a shadow organization for most of his life. Picked up at a young age, Lucky has been transformed into an agent of chaos and murder, something Lucky isn't proud of. Yet, the organization controls every aspect of Lucky's life, so there's little he can do in protest.

The organization, with roots in all aspects of government, wants to "release" Lucky, as he seems to have served his purpose. They set him up on a final assignment. For the first time, they also assign Lucky a partner, 18 year old, Jazzy. The assignment's first objective is simple: to go to his family. But Lucky knows there's always an ulterior motive with them.

Lucky has grown distant from his daughter. Alicia, the wife, passed away giving birth to his daughter. Lucky then gave himself over to the organization full-time, leaving his daughter to fend for herself.

Now, Lucky and Jazzy drive long distance to Lucky's home. On the way, Jazzy has to make a pit-stop at a diner on the way. This one stops will unravel time and reality for Lucky, revealing the truth behind Lucky's last assignment.

Submitted: August 21, 2019
Last Updated: August 21, 2019
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The Writer: J. Quinzelle

J. Quinzelle takes the familiar and breathes new life into it. Even if it drives them both a little mad. J. started his interests in writing very young, crafting short stories and poetry. Teachers would praise his writing, although J. never took it to heart. Later in adolescence, struggling with severe depression, J. lost interest in writing and lead a turbulent lifestyle for several years. It wasn't until his discovery of a love for film, in which J. seemed to take identity. J.'s first attempts at film were heavily acting based, focused primarily on theater acting. But J. loves film more than theater, and that reflected in his pursuit of film classes in college. There, J. wore every hat... Go to bio

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