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My real experiences
Lauren, a desperate single mother of a heroin addicted teenage son, becomes so obsessed with exacting revenge on his drug dealers that she goes undercover and infiltrates the dark world of the illegal drug trade while performing her normal job as an ad executive, and in the process becomes addicted to the adrenaline rush of her new double life.

JUNKIE is based on my real life experiences being the mother of a heroin addicted teenage son.

JUNKIE opens sometime in the near future in East Los Angeles, at a gang house. LAUREN WHITFORD (40), upstanding single mother of a drug addicted son, finds herself in the middle of a tense situation that escalates. She ends up on the floor with a gun pointed at her head by a heavily tattooed Mexican Mafia gang member, HECTOR “ROOSTER” GARCIA (31).

Back to the present. We get to know Lauren as a kind, Whole Foods shopping, Prius driving Westside single mother of NICK, 16. Nick’s grades are dropping, he’s hanging out with a questionable crowd and his personality has changed. One night while Nick is out, Lauren and her best friend RACHEL decide to do some cyber sleuthing into Nick’s life but before they can Nick sends an urgent text to Lauren. He needs to be picked up. He’s in East Los Angeles.

When Lauren gets to this rough neighborhood she finds Nick. He has blood on his shirt and he’s high on drugs. Lauren calls her sister in San Diego, DR. KATE McINTYRE, who tells her to have him admitted to the hospital. She doesn’t take her sister’s advice. The next day she reluctantly goes to work because a new client, ELI GREEN (68), President of a bank and well known philanthropist, is coming into her advertising agency. This new account will help save the small agency who is struggling financially.

When Lauren returns home from work that evening she finds Nick has overdosed on heroin. DETECTIVE EDDIE ZAVALA (45) comforts Lauren while the paramedics give Nick the “save shot” of Narcan. Nick survives but it’s the beginning of Lauren’s obsession in finding out who sold him the heroin. Lauren searches Nick’s bedroom. She finds drugs, cash, burner cell phones and a gun. It seems as though Nick may have a bigger role than just being a junkie.

Lauren, who is half Mexican and speaks fluent Spanish, creates an alter ego, KRYSTAL LOPEZ. While being Krystal, Lauren finds herself with a confidence and bravery she doesn’t have while being “just” Lauren. Soon Lauren/Krystal is buying drugs and tracking down dealers and gang members. Her double life is becoming all-consuming which means that her work is suffering. As Lauren digs deeper into Nick’s world she discovers that there is a connection between her son and her client’s grandson AARON COHEN. Lauren’s double life may not be so disconnected as it seems.

One night Lauren comes home while two gang members are searching Nick's bedroom for the gun which was used to commit a murder. Instead of calling the police, Lauren gets her locks changed and watches YouTube videos on how to shoot a gun. The final scene finds Lauren where we began the story: on the floor of a gang house with a gun pressed against her head. A struggle ensues and Lauren shoots a young gang member.

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The Writer: Kelly Stanphill

Kelly Stanphill is a screenwriter focusing on features, television and the Web. She has a decidedly dark color to her humor reflected in her four feature scripts, Laundry Chronicles, 8 Friends, 3 Nights, 2 Arrests, Dog and Exiled to Leisure Village. She has also written three television pilots Sunny in Malibu, The Asylum and Junkie, two spec scripts: Togetherness and Nurse Jackie, and two web series, Hollywood Handcuffs, and K-STARS TV, which she also produced. Before becoming a writer, she worked in the film industry as a Client Services Director for a post-production house. When not writing, she cooks, reads, pretends to work out and watches a lot of television and films. She lives in... Go to bio

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