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Kink in Time

Man knocked out on a museum’s old-west diorama, awoke in 1873, warned the sheriff of Jesse James’ first train robbery, and was shot in the shootout. He awoke back in the museum, wounded.



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Ben and his young son, Jay, made their annual trip to the museum. This year, Jay wanted to see the antique train displays, and Ben readily obliged. He was an old-west history buff and enjoyed seeing the museum’s period-accurate dioramas. When Jay spied the Railroad Wing, he dashed ahead, leaving Ben trailing behind. Ben ran up the ram of the train station, hit his head, and awoke in Adair, Iowa, on July 21, 1873. He was dressed in western clothes. He learned he was the father of Jesse James and that his gang was going the train. Jesse left Ben behind when the men rode out of town. Ben told the sheriff, who assembled a posse, and they all rode out and stopped the train robbery. But during the shootout, Ben received a head wound, passed out, and awoke back in the museum. As Ben recovered, he wondered if he altered history’s time-line.

Submitted: July 1, 2020
Last Updated: March 15, 2021

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The Writer: D.Ray Van

Since retiring as a professor and researcher, I have enjoyed writing and photography as creative outlets. I’ve always liked westerns—the radio dramas of the 40s and early TV shows of the 50s forward. Consequently, I write many of my short stories and now scripts in the western genre Go to bio

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