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A young samoyed escapes from an illegal puppy mill and experiences adventure and family in the world around him... until the mob's canine enforcers are sent to bring him back into the fold.

The story opens up at Sawyer's Puppy Farm as Vinnie - a member of a local crime family - sneaks across the grounds to steal a puppy; a young Samoyed named Tango. His boss - Jimmy Carbone - wants the dog as a gift for his daughter. And Carbone is not to be denied.

Tango's brought back to the mob's kennel for safekeeping. There, he befriends a number of dogs - including Stella, Dot and Cinder. And two inventor mice (Stigs and Everett.) The kennel's guarded by the mob's Doberman enforcers - Belladonna, Costello and Dante. Tango becomes enamored with the Statue of Liberty, which he can see from his cage. He escapes by accident, and runs off to see it closer.

Before the Dobermans can retrieve Tango, he wanders onto the Ferry - towards Manhattan.

He arrives scared and bewildered. He's rescued by Mike and Kristen Santos, who bring him home until they can find his owner. The couple already have a British Bulldog named Baby. And Baby doesn't want a puppy in the family.
The Dobermans arrive in Manhattan, and negotiate with the Sharpei gang of Chinatown to gain passage through the city, in search of Tango.

Mike and Kristen put up "lost dog" posters, but receive no response. They bring Tango and Baby to a nearby dog run, where both run afoul of the local canine bullies, Prince and Franz. Tango recruits several of the dogs in the run, and together they overpower the duo. That night, Baby realizes that maybe...Tango's not so bad after all.

The Dobermans make a deal with a pigeon named Ralphie. He's seen the posters, and can direct them to Tango's new home.

The next day at the run, the Dobermans threaten Tango. Come back with them now, or his owners get hurt. The puppy loves his new family, and agrees to leave....if only to protect them.

Back at the kennel, Tango falls into despair. He wants his family back. Stigs and Everett decide to help, and free Tango from his cage with the assistance of their latest invention, the ST-1000. Pandemonium breaks out as the magnet in the ST-1000 frees all the dogs - including Stella, Cinder and Dot. The police and animal control are called in...the Dobermans and the human mobsters are beaten back, and thrown in their own cages. While Dot is back in a cage, she is happy to see the Dobermans in one as well.

The incident receives plenty of attention on the local network news. Kristen and Mike see Tango in the fray, and run to the shelter to get him back. Thanks to the publicity, the other dogs get homes too. Tango finally has his family, and everything's okay.

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The Writer: Phil Clarke

A published and produced writer, Phil struggles to create realistic characters and place them in extraordinary situations. His writing has earned him recognition in numerous screenplay competitions and the attention of several directors. Go to bio

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