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Obsession With An Older Woman



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This is the story of Jack Hinckley’s obsession with an older woman (Marian Thatcher).Will he get Marian or will he be rejected by her?

Jack Hinckley is a high school graduate. During the Summer Vacation, he is doing absolutely nothing. His parents notice that he is spending his time in a futile manner and so they tell Jack to get real, get a job. Jack being the obedient teenager says alright. He starts looking at various advertisements in the newspapers and stumbles upon the Thatcher’s ad. A babysitter is urgently required and the Thatcher’s are a married couple in their thirties. Jack pounces at the opportunity, he goes to the Thatcher’s home and he gets hired but in the process he falls in love with Marian Thatcher and what starts out as a crush soon develops into fatal obsession and then due to circumstances, he tries to murder her. The Thatcher’s, Joe and Marian have a four year old son Chris. Will Jack be able to murder Marian and destroy a family?

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I won a certificate and laurel for Obsession from the Frame by Sound Festival in 2016.
It was a semi finalist at the festival. Obsession With An Older Woman was also selected as a
finalist in The Industry Boost Competition in 2016 in Miami, Fl. I earned a finalist laurel.

Submitted: September 3, 2016
Last Updated: June 4, 2018

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The Writer: Divij Kak

My name is Divij Kak. I am an actor and screenwriter based in Mumbai. I have written four scripts, two features and two shorts. My feature, "Obsession With An Older Woman" was a semi-finalist at last year's (2016) Frame by Sound Festival. Obsession With An Older Woman, The World of Organic Chemistry and The Nibbler were selected as Finalist in last years' Industry Boost Competition (2016) in Miami,Fl.Acting and Writing are my passion. I love singing and dancing too. I have acted in two movies, Saathi The Companion & Pehli Nazar Ka Pyaar as the main lead. These films are in Hindi. I hope to act as well as write for international movies, (Hollywood) and (Bollywood).Two Scripts of mine are... Go to bio

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