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The exploits of hedonistic, whore-mongering Jimmy Hansen, a successful, 40 YO divorcee living in San Diego's Ocean Beach neighborhood, and his brother Trevor, a high finance executive and family man running a medicinal marijuana distribution business on the side.

Pilot Episode - Jimmy swings by his brother Trevor's house prior to picking up their friend Porter at the airport so that Trevor can wax his back. While there, he mentions his plans to take Porter to Tijuana primarily for the prostitution, which prompts Trevor to ask how Jimmy first got into hookers.

Submitted: August 17, 2016
Last Updated: January 9, 2017

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The Writer: Roy Harris

I enjoy writing, always have, but never done so professionally. I suppose I'd like to, but very lazy to begin with and breaking into this industry requires a great deal of time and effort even for those that are far more dedicated than I. So I'll just write, post, and if those who read the stories enjoy them, then great. Sooooo, anyway, the box is still red, so I don't think I've quite hit fifty words yet, so yeah, how is your day?... Go to bio

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