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Outdoor Activities



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A group of adventurers have to fight for survival when psychotic thrillseekers begin hunting them for sport.

This script is not for the faint of heart. Whilst laced with elements of humour, it’s ultimately a violent horror / thriller movie in the same vein as ‘Hostel' and ‘Cabin in the Woods’.

‘Outdoor Activities’ focuses on a group of adventurers enjoying the great outdoors by ziplining across a scenic Croatian canyon. Unluckily for them, they soon realise they’re at the epicentre of an elaborate and expensive hunting contest. Twelve wealthy individuals have paid through the nose to be armed to the teeth and dropped off in the canyon, with the sole intention of killing as many of the zipliners as possible.

Behind the curtain, the orchestrator of this sordid venture is a man known only as ‘Apollo’. Apollo and his team are responsible for closing off the roads, securing the perimeter and providing surveillance and support to the ‘Competitors’.

We closely follow three of the Competitors, a fearsome Texan named Jackson, his son Junior, and his brother-in-law Rich. This family have suffered devastating personal losses resulting in Jackson and Rich deciding to take out their anger on innocent civilians. However, 20 year old Junior simply does not have it in him to kill in cold blood, so ends up attempting to help a group of victims escape this hellish scenario alive.

The victims we focus on are brothers Daz and Sean, and a group of friends named Naomi, Zoe, Maya and Helen. None of them have ever held a gun before, but they’ll have to learn fast if they intend on getting out of this. Thankfully for them, the rules of this contest state that the victims are allowed to fight back. The only thing that is strictly prohibited is Competitors killing each one another, so when the Father-Son team of Jackson and Junior turn against each other, this golden rule is in serious danger of being broken.

‘Outdoor Activities’ is a story about the sheer human will to survive. Like the tales of mothers lifting cars when their children are trapped underneath, we’ll witness how fighting to survive can lead to extraordinary acts of strength, bravery and ultimately, heroism.

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The Writer: Dan Henry

Aspiring Screenwriter who no longer wants to be aspiring. I've written several spec scripts which will not get made unless I put them out there, so that's what I'm doing. I hope you enjoy what I put up and I'm looking forward to reading scripts too. Go to bio