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After a man and woman subconsciously seeking love find it through mutual daydreams, they ultimately realize they have a shared experience in another existence battling the loss of a loved one.

After losing his young child and wife in a car accident, Dave is traumatized and cautious to ever dating again. His friend, Kyle, constantly encourages him to date. Even more so, is the girl they come across on a business trip, Jennifer. She recently separated from her fiance' because she could not have kids. Her client, Julian, is a model and close friend. They both share her sympathy with being barren and Julian constantly comforts her. Upon several rendezvous between the two groups, Julie chooses Kyle. This only leads Jennifer and Dave to hook up and confess the visions they've had for each other. When Jennifer finds out the effect mutual dreaming has had on their relationship, Kyle does some research. What he finds out will be the beautifull beginning of a dramatic end.

Submitted: July 1, 2018
Last Updated: July 1, 2018

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The Writer: Howard Tubbs

I have been writing music for the last 17 years and it just turned into screenwriting. To me, writing music and screenwriting both require a format, high concepts, and story telling so they relate very much. My next music project is called Fate of A Pharaoh and I will be the executive producer for most of the tracks. Feel free to download or listen to any of my previous music at or to get a feel of my writing capabilities. Go to bio
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Agent: Pending
Law Firm: Minter & Associates, LLC
Lawyer: Kendall Minter ESQ.
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