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A young woman battling depression joins three friends on a backpacking trip. Deep in the wilderness, her spirits are lifted when she discovers a mysterious sinkhole -- and then meets the girl who died there.



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Horror/drama. Five total characters. Diverse cast. Female lead. Limited locations (all takes place in a wooded area).

Lily, a young woman battling depression and a crumbling relationship, reluctantly agrees to join three friends on a weekend backpacking trip.

As they hike deep into the remote wilderness, Lily struggles mentally and physically, realizing she's out of her element. She finds the woods rather ominous and begins to have feelings of dread.

But when the group stumbles upon a mysterious sinkhole, Lily perks up. She gazes down into its darkness and finds it strangely beautiful. She becomes drawn to it -- and obsessed by what may or may not lurk deep inside its depths.

The group moves on and finally reaches their campsite, but Lily is different now. Distracted. Alert. Hopeful. Something in the woods is calling her.

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Winner: Best Screenplay - 2022 Milledgeville Film Festival (

Quarterfinalist: 2022 BlueCat Screenplay Competition

Quarterfinalist: 2022 Greenlights Challenge

Submitted: August 19, 2016
Last Updated: December 2, 2022

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The Writer: Jason K. Allen

Jason Allen is a writer and filmmaker from Nashville, TN. He is also a wilderness guide, nature photographer and award-winning journalist. His first produced screenplay was the 2009 feature comedy Lucky Fritz starring Corey Feldman and Julia Dietze. Since then he's won Best Screenplay honors at the Nashville Film Festival, San Diego Film Awards, Mountain of Laughs Comedy Fest, TSA Screenwriting Awards, and Artlightenment Film Festival, and is a seven-time finalist of the Nashville Film Festival Screenwriting Competition. His scripts have also been finalists in the ScreenCraft and ScriptVamp competitions. His writing credits include the award-winning short films You Destroy Me , American... Go to bio

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