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Planet B

A disillusioned convenience-store clerk on a death star must learn to care again or the alien infiltration she uncovers will lead to the demise of her friends, family and entire race.



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On a deathstar-like spaceship, two young adult women, Fae and Griselda, work in one of the ship's convenience stores, headed nowhere in life. They work, they party, they hang out with their boyfriends Major and Silas. Aboard a interstellar invasion ship, they aren't soldiers or scientists or leaders, they're clerks.

Fae and Griselda discover alien invaders on the ship and must avoid an investigation led by the ship's ambitious first officer in order to help save the aliens' homeworld from imminent destruction. Jealous rivals also stand in the way of Fae, Griselda and friends, who must steal the ship's plans and fix complex technology so the aliens can return home and defend against the invasion.

Fae has become jaded by her time aboard the ship and lost the interest in exploration that made her join the mission in the first place. She has to learn to listen to her friends and trust them in order to become the leader and explorer she always wanted to be.

Despite its grand scope and interstellar setting, this is a relatively low-budget caper film. It's a comedic action flick whose humor is enhanced by translation glitch, so that the names of products, technology and the ship are mistranslated for the audience in hilarious ways.

30-second pitch for Planet B
Submitted: May 12, 2021
Last Updated: May 12, 2021

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The Writer: Kenneth Quinnell

Kenneth Quinnell has been a senior writer at AFL-CIO since 2012, fighting on behalf of the rights of working people across the country. Before that, he taught political science and American history at the college level for more than a decade. He holds bachelor's and master's degrees in political science from Florida State University and is the father of three teenage sons. He is seeking to become a full-time screenwriter. Go to bio

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