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The future of the human race depends upon a little girl getting to bed on time.

A spacecraft carries the surviving germ of the human race, all there is of it, in a massive array of cryogenic chambers and journeys toward a new home. The Earth is likely about to be destroyed or otherwise rendered uninhabitable.

Sent along as caretaker is a young child, GINNY, who must endure the entire journey in a state of suspended animation, only to be revived at the destination so she can execute the release and development of her fellow humans.

But she's not in her hibernation chamber, so the controllers on Earth, who seem to have ways of manipulating Ginny's environment, fight to coax her to the chamber and essentially get her into bed.

The problem is that the spacecraft is accelerating so fast that communication, even at the speed of light, is fast approaching impossibility - the electronics on board soon won't be able to process the incoming signals fast enough to execute a reply. If that happens before Ginny gets into hibernation, she will not be able to place herself into that chamber and activate it. She will live out a normal life - alone - then the human embryos will never be activated and the human race will be lost forever.

So controllers FAYE and NELSON struggle to steer Ginny back to her sleep chamber by whatever means they can think of. Even if it means constructing an horrific nightmare to drive her toward where she needs to be.

In the end, with only seconds left, they succeed. And now Ginny will sleep for 1500 centuries, only to awake in a land full of promise and begin again.

Submitted: October 31, 2018
Last Updated: October 31, 2018

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The Writer: Hank Isaac

Hank Isaac is a screenwriter and filmmaker who has enjoyed a varied career. The only child of a motion picture executive and a professional dancer, Hank experienced a fanciful childhood. He married his college sweetheart and they are somewhat of an anomaly – they're still married to each other after almost half a century. Hank has worked as a middle school teacher, a college professor, a sailing school manager & instructor, a research director, a product designer, an exhibit designer, a radio station disc jockey, and a toy store owner. He is a former U.S. Naval Officer who served on active duty during the Vietnam conflict. Hank and his wife lived on a boat for eleven years and raised a... Go to bio

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