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Plutus TV

Six well-off contestants accept to participate to a new TV show where they will have to live in poverty.



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How can you judge the soul of a person who was born with a perfect body and the one who was born with disabilities? What is the value of a soul, if you were born rich with the power of destiny or if you were born poor and tied to fate? How can you compare the soul of a person who lived 90 years to a newborn baby who only lived a few minutes?
These are the questions the host of the new TV show Plutus TV, asks her audience. MARILYN is a much loved, black TV presenter with two prosthetic legs.
Her contestants are very different in age and background.

ELLIOT, photographer has lost his mojo since his famous girlfriend left him. Drugs have replaced her and changed his reputation. He now lives with a lovely Hungarian family but he hasn’t come alone… Darkness follows him.
DESTINY, alpha woman and KYLE, lazy house-husband, both try to escape the show at the last minute but Marilyn’s team is quick to chase after them.
AMBER, young and bubbly YouTuber, loses her optimism and her law of attraction principles when she discovers her Punk-junky new family.
GREGORY, a politician without values, tries to convince his wife to pretend she has cancer so he can end the show. He can’t stand it.
PENELOPE (80) former fashion designer teaches a few lessons to her host family: a self-employed family.
The aim of the show is simple: If the contestants behave well, the audience vote them out and they can go home. If they don’t, they stay on the show…

Submitted: May 13, 2020
Last Updated: May 13, 2020

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The Writer: Sophie Gardiner

I love working with scripts and have an intuitive feel for what works. I relate easily with all kinds of people and am able to bring out the best in them. I am goal oriented and love to work on demanding projects. I started my career in French TV production which enabled me to work to tight budgets and strict deadlines. I moved to England in order to learn the language and as soon as I could, I re-entered the media industry working for a post-production company which gave me additional knowledge in the film making process. Now my main focus and passion is working with scripts which is my real strength and sets my soul on fire. I am currently working as a Festival Judge (category: scripts)... Go to bio

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