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Pressure Drop

The Monkton Park skinhead gang find themselves caught in the crossfire between rival factions of gangsters.



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Unpublished novel by Steve Goodman

Pressure Drop is the Story of The Monkton park skinhead gang. The year is 1970, the location is London. When Graham Stone father dies of a heart attack when he is being serviced by a prostitute. While the rest of the gang are at the Chelsea vs New Castle football match getting some aggro in. Graham is turf out of the wake for his father. After trying to bottle his psychotic set-uncle who felt the family scrap metal business should have gone to him and not Graham.

Following the confrontation between them, Ronnie visits the scrap metal yard, with members of his gang. Sammy Black one of Graham's two workers, manages to drive the mobsters off by turning his cutting torch into a flame thrower. This act is followed by a beating for Sammy Black, when he's heading home. Hospitalized by them, Graham visits him in hospital and feels guilty that Sammy has been targeted. He goes to the pub on the housing estate only to find out that Ronnie and his cronies had arrived before him and trashed the place and had attacked the members of the Monkton Park skinhead gang.

Relying on an old Friend of his father, Trevor Royal uses his position in the underworld, to apply pressure on Ronnie and his gang, to leave Graham and the other skinheads alone. This turns out to be a brief respite as Number one gangster "Little Tony" is interested in acquiring the land the metal yard stands on. Ronnie upon learning this offers to facilitate the acquisition of the land in exchange for removing the opposition of Trevor Royale. His additional reward for this is a protection round set up by little Tony's gang.

Meanwhile John is back from the Army, on leave. He calls in on deputy leader Gary and discusses the situation between the gang and Ronnie's mob. Over mugs of Drinking Chocolate. After briefly meeting his girlfriend John is recalled to Northern Ireland. John is killed by an explosion connected to a trap door, in a barn. This is after they came under fire from an IRA gunman.

At the funeral, one of John's friends in the army. presents graham with a loaded Luger pistol, removed from an arms cache he and John discovered in Belfast. Graham later threatens Ronnie with the pistol. Ronnie informs the police of the firearm. Forcing Graham to pass it onto a skinhead girl called "Monkey" for safe keeping.

The news of John's death, stuns the skinhead gang. His girlfriend is devastated.

Meanwhile Errol & Ace the two black members of the Monkton park Skins are setting up their sound system in the "Bag 'O Nails" public house. When a curious pair of nightclub owners are drawn into the pub, when Ace spins a tune to check all aspects of the Sound System is operational.

The pair book Errol & Ace for nights in London and Birmingham. Little do the skinheads know that Drugs are being secreted in the speaker cabinets and the skinheads are unwitting drug mules.

Submitted: May 27, 2020
Last Updated: May 27, 2020

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The Writer: Steven Goodman

Steve Goodman was born in Southampton, England on July 22nd 1961. Having unrecognised dyslexia led to a confrontational time at school and a rebel stance by the age of twelve when Steve became a skinhead. Though Dyslexia is a life long condition, it hasn't stopped Steve from developing a passion for writing. Other interests include Music, Jamaican and punk rock. As well as video making. His first script is based on his 1996 novel "England belongs to me" which was also released in German in 1997.It has since become a cult classic and second hand copies are selling on amazon between £28 and £77. Steve is also a co-recipient of a British Arts Council Prize for an essay that was submitted to... Go to bio

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