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Two Russian brothers live anarchistic lifestyles by robbing convenience stores across the modern American West. After a botched robbery their relationship is challenged when they encounter a female hitchhiker.

Alex and Nick Raskolnikov reject society and travel the modern American west together off the grid and enjoy freedom. The Russian immigrant brothers, to sustain their lifestyle and adrenaline, rob convenience stores in small towns. Nick is wild acting like an uncontrollable animal compared to his brother Alex who is more rational and seeks to end this lifestyle. Alex only stays to care of his brother since he is the only person Nick sees as the only one who cares for him. The brothers find themselves in a botched robbery of a convenience store where they must escape the local police. After evading the police with a high speed chase the brothers find themselves at a Indian Reservation where a elderly Native American warns them with a prophecy and tries to heal their troubled souls with peyote. After leaving the brothers steal a new car and run into a wandering hippie named Claire. Alex is uneasy about Claire because he believes she is apart of the Native American’s prophecy but Nick invites her along for sexual pleasure. Alex and Claire grow closer together while Nick grows jealous of their new relationship. When she is with the brothers she is unaware that they are robbers. Claire takes the brothers to a hippie commune in Colorado where Claire asks Alex to leave Nick and go away with her because she believes that Nick is holding him back. After Nick provokes a bar fight at a honky tonk bar and Claire witnessing them commit a robbery she gives Alex a ultimatum: leave with her or stay with Nick. Alex does not choose to leave as Nick forcefully throws her out. Alex fights Nick but comes to realize that he cannot mentally leave Nick. In a robbery Nick taunts Alex’s plight by harassing and almost harming a married couple that are customers at a convenience store. With Nick letting his guard down the store manager shoots Nick dead in self-defense and Alex escapes by taking the manager’s life. Alex seeks to find Claire again and restart their relationship but fails when she is not at her grandmother’s ranch, her childhood home, and her whereabouts are unknown. Alex ultimately realizes that Claire is gone for good and drives away to a uncertain future.

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The Writer: Gregory Brown

Gregory Brown is a aspiring film director and screenwriter from Austin, Texas. Gregory currently works as a Set Production Assistant on union feature length feature length films and scripted TV series earning days to joing the Directors Guild of America. Additional work has been in the camera department for various non union projects. Gregory has directed two short films which have won a few awards at film festivals and his screenplay Renegades was a official selection at the Beverly Hills Film Festival in 2018. Go to bio

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