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Death from the shadows a man second guessing his reality, life, family, mind, and if he is a cold calculating murderer

Beaten, bloodied Jeff has to figure out who killed his family while he was handcuffed and had to watch. Accused of the crime Jeff see’s his thought to be dead wife multiple times. His sister implicating him in the murders. She and his wife come to him in visions saying it’s all a dream, he’s in a coma. Telling him he must wake up or he will die.
More crimes implicate Jeff, even he begins to doubt himself, his sanity and whether he could somehow have done these…even killing his parents years before.
Putting his own life in danger from police, vengeful people, his sister, her allies and his own wife Jeff is certain he’s innocent.
He finds himself bloody, with a murder weapon in his hands and no memory of how he got that way.
Jeff Vonner psychopathic murderer, set up, manipulated or cold calculating maniacal madman?
Will Jeff’s sister and wife ruin him, drive him insane, did he kill his parents, wife, daughter, others?
Reality bending, shaping itself around him. Jeff finds out the truth and it shakes him to his very core

Submitted: June 26, 2017
Last Updated: August 25, 2018

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The Writer: Kyle Williamson

Starting as a fiction book writer I wrote 35 plus books. I write like watching movies, changing them over to screenplay format. I grew up using my imagination, always curious therefore writing comes easily to me with some things. I utilize television; movies; my experiences; trips; everything for my creative muses. I cover virtually every kind of fiction from Holmesian, Bond, some soft Sci-fi, mystery, murder, who done it, super hero and more book website each are being turned into screenplays. Enjoy all you Find Go to bio

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