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Saints & Sinners

When a fortune in rare coins is stolen, a down on her luck Secret Service agent enlists three oddball assassins to help her recover the gold.



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This action adventure is about overcoming self-doubt. It is based on the concept that there is no sin too big to be forgiven and no soul that can’t be saved.

When life threw Secret Service Agent Ruby St. John a series of curve balls, she lost faith in herself. When she was assigned to recover $75 million in stolen gold coins (the “Saints”), she was convinced she’d screw up. Then she met Jagger, Cora, and Schichi, a trio of oddball assassins.

Jagger, a punk/ anarchist with Tourettes, prefers explosives for assassinations.

Cora, an overweight trailer park red neck, can make a head shot from five hundred yards.

Schichi, an African-American transgender obsessed with the number seven, is a virtuoso with a knife.

The trio of killers work for the “Dentist”, a murder broker in Hong Kong. Intent on double-crossing a Ukrainian billionaire and buying his way out of the murder game, the Dentist sends the trio to steal the Saints.

Terrorists have their own designs on the Saints. They attack a convoy transporting the Saints across the George Washington Bridge. Elias Abraham, Ruby’s superior and harshest critic, is critically wounded. Despite her self-doubt, Ruby finds herself in charge of recovering the Saints.

Jagger, Cora, and Schichi track the terrorists through a hurricane to a warehouse in the Bronx, but before they can get away with the Saints, Ruby and her team take everybody into custody (trio, terrorists, and the Saints). When the warehouse suddenly floods, Ruby escapes with the trio and the Saints. The terrorists chase Ruby to a parking garage in Manhattan. Ruby is forced to choose between the trio and the Saints. She leaves the Saints for the terrorists.

Convinced she’d screwed up again; Ruby believes her career is over. Strangely grateful, the trio offer the lead her to the Saints. In a surprising twist, they find the terrorists in a barbershop: all dead, no Saints. The trio recognize the work of the Dentist.

Ruby and the trio follow the Saints to Hong Kong.

Because he reneged on a contract to kill the Ukrainian, a Russian special ops team attacks the Dentist’s headquarters. The Dentist’s crew kills the Russians, only to be murdered by their boss, leaving the Dentist the only one who knows the location of the Saints.

The trio of killers betray Ruby, throwing her from a seventh story window. She survives the fall into Hong Kong harbor. When she realizes the trio is leading her to the Saints, her faith in them recovers.

Though he escapes from Ruby, the Dentist never completes his delivery. The Ukrainian gets the gold and leads Ruby through the streets of Hong Kong. She tries to save the Ukrainian, but he invites her to join him in hell and falls to his death. Ruby recovers the Saints.

Back in New York, self-confident and firm in her faith, Ruby reconnects with Jagger, Cora, and Schichi, cleared of their crimes, their sins forgiven.

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Austin Film Festival 2015 - Second Rounder
Page International Screenwriting Awards Competition 2015 - Semifinalist
Table Read My Screenplay Genre Screenplay Competition 2022 - Top 10

Submitted: February 7, 2022
Last Updated: March 23, 2022

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The Writer: Chris Willis

The cool thing about writing dramas about life is you get to choose how the story goes. Be it a short about a young boy and his father, or a feature about a senior citizen romance. Dad saves the day. An old flame is reignited. Or not. How life in the story turns out depends on how I write it. It can be very therapeutic. I've been writing screenplays for 20+ years. Most of my work is dramas, from a single pager about a woman's transition to a 130 page epic LGBTQ war drama. I enjoy the long process of developing a feature, but I also enjoy experimenting with shorts (I once wrote a short that was told through the doors the characters went through). I recently completed my first thriller, based... Go to bio

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