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Shadow Falls

Supernaturals have gone public, only a select few remain in hiding and Jameka Cuthbert (a human) is about to join them.



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Global warming has forced selkies and vampires out to the world, while other paranormals have chosen to remain hidden. 33-year-old Majon Coats returns to Fiora, South Carolina for a luncheon with his district's werewolf alphas after a nine month absence to discover one of the neighboring alpha's (Franco Ortiz) is vying for his territory. The Marrok (the master werewolf) has demanded a vote from the alphas regarding coming out to the world, but the alphas have mixed feelings, particularly Majon who believes the vote should be postponed until they figure out why 'magick' is dying. Majon and Franco get into a heated argument regarding the circumstances of Majon's nine month absence and Majon leaves, but not before threatening Franco and stealing the folk he used during the luncheon. At Fiora General Hospital, 24-year-old nurse, Jameka Cuthbert, tries to save a supernatural's ('supe's) life in the emergency triage but fails. Supes have been dying mysteriously and Jameka wants to know why. Following the body to the morgue, she meets with Alex (the coroner's assistant) who tells her they can't determine the cause of deaths but they intend to hold SEA's (supernatural enforcement agency) pick-up of the body until they run more tests. Later, Jameka discovers her sister, Jasmine Cuthbert, has a job interview for a cocktail waitress position to an affluent couple in Shadow Falls. Given her history of drug and alcohol abuse following their father's death, Jameka decides to accompany her to the interview. Meanwhile, Majon has taken the stolen fork to his longtime friend, Davvy, a witch in hiding from a coven set on killing her. After convincing Davvy to break her 'no magic' rule, she uses the fork and her powers to tell Majon everything that is spoken by Franco in the past few weeks. Through her, Majon discovers that Franco is a dealer of the fae based drug 'dust' and that not only is he trying to take over his territory, but he's attempting to usurp Majon's pack. Majon contact's his second-in-command to warn him of Franco's intent. Afterward, he shifts into his wolf form and runs his territory for any possible intruders. In Shadow Falls, Jameka wakes up in the backseat of her car, having fallen asleep, to find that she's at the mansion Jasmine is being interviewed. Hours have passed and Jameka is concerned. She enters the mansion to find her sister tied to a chair and being mauled by an animal. She attempts to help, but is thwarted by a man who stabs her through her shoulder. She escapes with the use of her taser, but is rundown by two giant wolves who force her over a cliff. Around the same time, Majon has picked up mixed scents on his territory, determining them to be wolf and human. Following their scent trail, he discovers Jameka at the base of the cliff--near death on a bed of rocks. He drops down to her, conflicted if he should save her life or let her die.

Submitted: January 26, 2019
Last Updated: January 29, 2019

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The Writer: Ashur Rose

I'm an author of novels (mostly fantasies and paranormal romances), so script writing is fairly new to me. I'm here to learn the craft of script writing, provide feedback, and be a part of a healthy community of writers. I hope to have a script(s) uploaded soon--feedback is welcomed! Go to bio