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While helping settle his father's estate a young man learns the truth about the grandfather he'd believed dead, and the crimes that kept the man behind bars for forty years.



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Skeletons- Synopsis

Jake Carson is a twenty-something young man attending college, when his father unexpectedly dies. In the process of helping his mother settle the estate he discovers a shocking secret, one which will change every aspect of his life. The grandfather that he has been led to believe had died when his father was a young boy, Charlie Jespersen, is in fact very much alive. Even more disturbing, the man has recently been released from a nearby prison, where he has been incarcerated for the past forty years.

Jake confronts both his mother about the lies he has been told, and his uncle about the nature of the man’s crimes. When he finds out that his grandfather was convicted of raping and murdering several young women, his view on life, family and his own identity is rocked to the core.

As he digs further into the details of his grandfather’s crimes with the help of his lawyer girlfriend, he also begins a guarded relationship with the man. As their time together goes on, the unlikely connection between the two men grows, to the resentment and anger of Jake’s family and girlfriend. Jake feels compelled to see past his grandfather’s crimes, and delve deeper into the personality of the man.

When a series of crimes similar to those perpetrated by his grandfather many years before begins, Jake must make some hard decisions. He is pressured by the police to pass along information that may absolve or condemn his grandfather, and as a result starts to question what his grandfather’s legacy will mean for the rest of his life.

He follows his grandfather, interrupting him mid-attack on an innocent young woman. He is ultimately responsible for sending him back to jail, where he will spend the rest of his life. Despite the truth he promises to finish the journey with his grandfather, only closing the door on that aspect of his life when the man has died.

To set his grandson free of the terrible burden of their relationship Charlie commits suicide. A changed Jake must go on with his life.

Submitted: September 5, 2016
Last Updated: June 4, 2018

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The Writer: Liz Strange

Liz Strange is an author and screenwriter from SE Ontario, creating works for feature films and television. At present she has ten novels in print, and two feature film projects in development. Her screenplays have placed at the Fantastic Horror Film Festival and the Shriekfest International Screenplay contest, and her original drama project, Thicker Than Water, was successfully vetted through the Women in Film & Television (Toronto) Development Incubator. Her script for Erased won the drama category of the 2017 Pilot Project contest. Liz is a huge genre fan, loving high-octane action, martial arts, horror and sci-fi/fantasy, especially those featuring strong female protagonists. Go to bio
Manager: Matt Chassin

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